ONESOFTDIGM Makes Fitness Personal and Optimal With The Fitrus Plus 2.0

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Fitrus Plus 2.0 is a personal fitness gadget that fits in your pocket and raises awareness of your well-being beyond recommending workouts.

Fitness has become a hot-button issue ever since technological advancements started rapidly transforming the way we live our lives. 

Some people believe digital technology is ruining our health and that of our children, creating a world that is going to be fundamentally weaker than previous generations. Others champion technology’s ability to pinpoint wellness issues, propose accurate diet and exercise regimes and generally help make people fitter and stronger. 

One thing is certain, though: technology is going to shape the future of wellness, like most other things. And South Korea is aiming to take us into that future with its novel fitness partner; the Fitrus Plus 2.0.

Fitrus Plus 2.0: Your Portable Smart Healthcare Partner

ONESOFTDIGM is a company that has dedicated itself to making healthcare smarter, and it is leaping towards that goal with the Fitrus Plus 2.0. An updated version, this portable body composition analyzer is everything you need to know about your fitness levels. 

The Fitrus Plus 2.0 is a revolutionary healthcare device for more than one reason. It can perform complex medical analyses that are usually expected from a clinical setting. How it does that is rather simple, actually: it uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to gauge one’s body composition. 

The human body is 70% water. Using BIA gives as accurate a picture as is possible. The Fitrus Plus 2.0 comes equipped with a four-electrode sensor that further improves its precision. It also has three other kinds of sensors for measuring various bodily functions. 

This pocket-sized device is ideal for measuring your body composition, even on the go! Charge it up, place the specified fingers on the receivers, and it does the rest for you. But what exactly does it do? Well, all of the following.

Fitrus Plus 2.0: What Does It Do For You?

The Fitrus Plus 2.0 gives you a precise and holistic rundown of your overall body health and wellness. 

It measures 7 indicators of body health: Body Fat percentage, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Calorie percentage, nutritional information, and body hydration levels. The human body measures base fitness through these indicators. 

Two people might have the same weight, but that is not indicative of wellness for both. Where one might have a healthy ratio of Skeletal Muscle Mass to Body Fat percentage, the other might be all Body Fat and low metabolism. In this scenario, even though they both have the same bodyweight, the former will be considered healthier than the latter. 

Your Fitness Instructor is Now in Your Pocket

The Fitrus Plus 2.0 will suggest diet and exercise regimes that are ideally suited to your body type. 

Moreover, the three additional sensors mentioned above help track various physiological responses. 

The Acceleration Level measures your body activity levels, allowing you to track your activity progress with ease. 

The Surface Temperature Sensor, located at the left posterior of the device, accurately measures your body’s temperature. 

The Heart Rate Sensor, located at the right posterior, accurately measures your current heart rate, indicating levels of stress and heart functionality. 

This is why it’s called a holistic healthcare partner: it measures every possible indicator of fitness and then makes informed suggestions to help boost your wellbeing.

The Fitrus Plus app is the IoT platform where you can monitor and track all that you do with the device. You must enter basic information like gender, height, weight and birth year. After conducting its analyses, the device sends the compiled report and suggestions on the app. 

It comes equipped with a community portal where you can connect and grow fitter with people who are going through similar body issues. 

All in all, the Fitrus Plus 2.0 is a fitness trainer in your pocket that recommends fitness regimes based on actual body composition.

South Korea and Fitrus Plus 2.0: A Beacon of Healthcare Innovation

The land of innovation has always led the charge when it comes to technological advancement. Just take a look at the last three years. K-innovation has swept every award show clean, with Korean start-ups winning huge at the CES Innovation Awards from 2019 through 2021. 

One of the categories that K-innovation always dominates is Health and Wellness, with the world’s most innovative healthcare technology being developed in South Korea. From AI cleaning bots that optimize hygiene in working environments to a VR headset that conducts accurate ophthalmic diagnoses, the list of creative and inventive innovations coming out of Seoul is very long. 

The Fitrus Plus 2.0 is a testament to this spirit. It optimizes and personalizes fitness, as it should be. No two body types are alike; everybody has its own merits and drawbacks. With the Fitrus Plus 2.0, you will not only discover yours but also learn how to stay fit in a time of receding health. And that is the most important innovation you can possibly engage with.

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