Manito – A Baby Stroller Accessory Brand from Korea

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Manito is a premium baby stroller accessory brand from South Korea. Every product comes in a variety of color options. On top of that, all the products are affordable and made of high-quality materials. Learn about Manito and the items they sell.

About Manito

Manito is a Korean company that makes just a few high-quality baby products and accessories like stroller covers, sun shades, and car seat protectors. Their goods are made with an emphasis on convenience, comfort, and safety.

The authorized supplier of Manito goods in the country is Manito USA. They are dedicated to offering clients the same premium goods. They also have top-notch customer support. Finding the ideal accessories for their baby gear is simple for US parents, thanks to Manito USA’s vast selection of Manito goods.

5 Best Products of Manito

Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Shield

The Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Shield is a useful addition for parents who want to ensure their children are safe outside, and the Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Shield is a useful addition. The windows of the Stroller Weather Shield provide 99% UV protection to shield your child from the sun’s harmful rays. The sunscreen curtain provides further defense against the sun’s rays. The dual zip system also simplifies getting to your youngster and swapping out the shield.


The Elegance Alpha Stroller Weather Cover is made to keep your child dry during rainy weather and shield them from the sun and wind. The shield keeps the baby dry because it has water-resistant materials that ward off moisture and precipitation. Parents who live in places with regular rain or inclement weather should note this. 

Sun Shade for Stroller & Car Seat

The Sun Shade for Stroller & Car Seat – Scandi is ideal for shielding your child from the sun’s damaging rays. This lightweight, breathable sunscreen is built to fit most strollers and car seats. As a result, it keeps your baby cool and comfortable on warm days.

This sun shade’s Scandi design includes a chic yet classic blue and white diamond pattern. It adds a fashionable touch and offers protection, making it the ideal addition to any pram or car seat.

The Sun Shade for Stroller & Car Seat – Scandi is attractive and reasonably priced. It is cost-effective for parents who wish to shield their children from the sun, coming in at $21.99 without going overboard.

Breath Original Seat Pad

The Breath Original Seat Pad gives your child a comfortable seating experience. It is a high-quality, cozy, and breathable seat cushion. This device is ideal for parents who want to ensure their child is at ease and comfortable in a car seat.


The distinctive 3D mesh material encourages air circulation to keep your child comfortable and dry in hot weather. Parents will find it to be a useful and convenient item because of the material’s high durability.

Handy Stroller Organizer

While you’re out and about with your little one, the Handy Stroller Organizer will keep all of your items properly and within reach. This pram organizer has several pockets, including two insulated bottle holders and a sizable zipped compartment. Moreover, it also has a front pocket that is ideal for your phone or keys. Any parent would find the Handy Stroller Organizer useful because it fits most strollers and is simple to install. The Handy Stroller Organizer is not only effective and has a sensible design, but it is also reasonably priced.

Shiny Skin Baby Carrier Warmer

Shiny Skin Baby Carrier Warmer is a premium accessory that keeps your baby warm and cozy in chilly weather. This carrier warmer uses soft and cozy materials to make it ideal for cuddling with your baby. The Shiny Skin Baby Carrier Warmer is simple to install and intended to suit most baby carriers. 

The Shiny Skin Baby Carrier Warmer costs $59.99 and is affordable for parents. It is a terrific investment for parents who reside in regions with chilly winters or enjoy winter outdoor activities.


These baby products will improve your baby’s well-being in all aspects of their life. So, these are 5 of the many products that you can check out at Manito. The company regularly fills up its stock, so any item will rarely go out of stock. 

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