DogiBogi by Korean Pet Startup PetPeoTalk

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PetPeoTalk is a Korean startup in the pet industry that has developed technology to communicate with pets – DogiBogi – so you can keep track of your pets.

There are many pet startup companies in Korea since Koreans are adopting the lifestyle of having at least one pet. It is estimated that more than $3 billion was spent by Koreans on their pets in 2020. With all these trends, AI technology is also emerging in the midst of all of this. Here we have DogiBogi, a simple app that helps you understand your pet’s condition. 

Overview of PetPeoTalk

PetPeoTalk is a pet startup that focuses on making a strong connection between owners and pets. The CEO of PetPeoTalk is Ryun Kwon, who started this company with the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Vaccine Lee.

What is Dogibogi?

Dogs also have emotions to which they act accordingly. It is hard for dog owners to understand what their dog is feeling. The situation is much more difficult if the owner is an amateur in taking care of pets. PetPeoTalk is the company behind the Dogibogi app. 

This app recognizes and logs in your pet’s behavior and living patterns. As a result, it helps you understand the dog’s emotions. The AI technology of Dogibogi detects dogs’ anxiety, expressions, and sickness. Moreover, it also detects the different levels of separation of emotions. As a result, owners can further assess their dog’s health. 

So how does it work? The smartphone where this app is installed is the most important thing. The app monitors the dog using its AI technology and uses your smartphone camera to monitor it. If the app detects any abnormal behavior, then it can detect that the dog is experiencing separation anxiety. This type of anxiety usually occurs when the dog is howling.

Dogibodi always works in the background, and it monitors everything in real-time. The company suggests that you should always have a full battery when using Dogibogi. As a result, the app can run for a long period of time. On top of that, you can install the app on multiple devices and use it in your household.  

If you have a smartphone left at home, you are ready! Turn your smartphone air system into a smart pet CCTVAI Behavior Detection Recording. It is safe because it records everyday life that you have not seen before!

What Does it Do?

Dogibogi has a behavior analysis report where it receives behavior analysis results. These results are based on recorded videos of the app. Through the results, owners are able to detect if there is any problem with their dog.

Enable the pottery sound for extended benefits for your dog. Just like humans can become calm when hearing music, dogs can get relief from anxiety and stress. You can play a variety of music to help relieve anxiety and stress.

Final thoughts

Many users love the services and features of DogiBogi. They love the fact that the app is free to use. Moreover, users also praise that the app analyzes everything in real time. 

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