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Now Enjoy Probiotic Food and Beverages from Korea’s Hy Co (Korea Yakult)

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Along with all the healthy probiotic drinks and yogurt, now you can enjoy probiotic food from Hy Co, formerly Korea Yakult.

Health is an important aspect of our life that requires our caring. You can take care of your health since you are young, which will benefit you in the long run. There are fun and delicious ways to interact with your condition. One of the ways is by consuming food and beverages. Hy Co, formerly Korea Yakult, is diverging into probiotic ingredients. You can explore their new and effective products, including probiotic food, drinks, and supplement. 

Overview of Korea’s Hy Co (formerly Korea Yakult)

Founded in 1969, Korean company Hy Co is set to venture into the probiotic ingredient business. The company initially started with fermented milk drinks, and now they are expanding its supplies. They already started the shift last year by including various range of new products. One of their popular probiotic trademarks is Fatslim, a weight management supplement. Other than that, there is also skincare probiotics ingredients. The weight supplement will be supplied only within South Korea. However, the skincare products will reach the US. 

Fatslim is made up of Lactobacillus Curvatus Hy7601 and Lactobacillus plantarum KY1032. On the other hand, the skincare product from Hy Co is trademarked by Hylabs Skincare which contains Lactobacillus Plantarum HY7714.

Hy Co is expanding its workers so that they can frequently launch products in this competitive environment of South Korea. On top of that, the products the company is launching have also gone through proper research. As a result, all the probiotic ingredients from Hy Co are of premium quality. The company is set to launch a wide range of healthcare products, including weight management and skin hydration.

Expanding the business categories

Lactobacillus planetarium HY7714 is a powerful skin-repairing agent that also protects your skin from UV exposure. On top of that, it keeps your skin hydrated with constant collagen production. This ingredient and six important strains are present in all Hy Co’s skincare products. Other than that, the products also contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and biotin.

On the other hand, Fatslim contains effective ingredients that help you lose weight. The products come in a combination of liquid drinks and capsules containing probiotic ingredients. Fatslim was launched in April 2020. 

The company has a robust marketing analysis that analyses what the consumer needs. As a result, they determine the health areas to focus on and what type of products to make. Moreover, the market analysis also helps figure out the strains for its probiotic library. Currently, the company is exploring the strains that play a crucial role via the gut-brain axis.

Hy Co is venturing into pharmabiotic, a common pattern followed by Korean probiotic companies. Sources say that Hy Co is currently focusing on research that tackles obesity and Sarcopenia. The company is also focusing on making weight loss medication that does not have side effects.


Hy Co is utilizing the gut-on-a-chip platform to study and develop phramabiotics. The platform helps the company analyze the functions of probiotic strains. In addition, the optimal situation is where the probiotics become effective. 

On the other hand, removing the gut microbiome from a mouse and replacing it with a human microbiome is another area of exploration by Hy Co. There is nothing new with gut-on-a-chip technology; however, the company has modified this technology. They did it at Sogang university three years ago.

The company is approaching intuitive ways to develop in medical and health care. Hopefully, the products will reach people who need them without purchasing them exclusively from South Korea.  

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