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SnackFever: Korean Subscription Box Service For Discovering Korean Snacks

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There’s a fever that’s taking over the world, and it’s not Coronavirus – it’s Korean culture! SnackFever is a monthly delivery subscription service of Korean snacks, food, and other fun items from Korea. Along with K-pop and K-drama, Korean food is right at the top of the list.

SnackFever’s mission

Founders of the company believe that Korean snacks will follow in the footsteps of K-pop and K-drama. And with this, SnackFever will become the next global phenomenon.

🍫Sneak Peek 🍫

It’s cold in Korea, so this calls for delicious snacks! 😂Who wants to feel cozy eating this Choco Hiem wafer filled with hazelnut chocolate and a nice warm drink? 😍#snackfever #snackfeverfam #koreansnacks

— SnackFever by The Daebak Company (@SnackFeverUS) February 6, 2020

For a refreshing on-the-go snack, try these Petitzel Water Jelly Drinks in a variety of flavors like Apple and Mandarin Orange. 🍏🍊#snackfever #snackfeverfam #petitzel #apple #mandarin #orange

— SnackFever by The Daebak Company (@SnackFeverUS) January 29, 2020

Who are the people behind SnackFever?

A dorky group of nerdy Koreans founded it. These individuals come from the Canary Islands of Spain, American Samoa, Michigan, Orange County, Atlanta, and Korea. It was launched in 2015 by David Chung and Jo Jang as a Facebook group with a few hundred members and slowly expanded to over 100,000 members. In 2019, they launched a new seasonal subscription box, Daebak Box. It contains all the ‘daebak’ goodies from K-beauty, K-fashion, K-pop, stationery, tech, snacks, and more. You can read about Deabak Box here.

How SnackFever works?

Be ready to explore Korea through fun and exciting snacks every month. And these snacks include all the varieties of candies, chocolate, coffee, jellies, chips, and many more. In addition, you get a surprise box with the latest and most trending items straight from Korea! Each box you receive is a mystery, so you can get the joy of unboxing and getting surprised every time!

korean food snackfever

How much does it cost?

Delicious Korean snacks are delivered right to your doorstep once a month. Each Deluxe box costs $35 and $5 for worldwide delivery. The Original Month-to-Month Box costs $20 for each box.

korean food snackfever

What’s inside the SnackFever box?

Each Deluxe box contains around 10 to 13 full-size, bigger, and premium snacks from Korea. It includes one ramen (either cup or package) or one ‘doshirak’ (easy-prep, ready-meals like Bibimbap and Tteokbokki) now and then. Other items are curated by Team SnackFever and can include everything from chocolate, jellies, chips, candies, coffee, drinks, and many more. The Original Box contains 8 to 11 of these snacks without the ramen or ready-to-eat meals.

Sweet Beginnings are just what you need to start this year off right! 🍠🍞🍫

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Available 🔗 #snackfeverfam #january #sweet #sweetbeginnings

— SnackFever by The Daebak Company (@SnackFeverUS) January 9, 2020

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