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A Guide to Korean Soft Drinks

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When you hear the word soft drink, you directly go into the world of pure bliss that comes from a sweet, mass-produced liquid. And even if you are not an avid soda drinker, you will surely like the Korean versions of soft drinks.

Korean soft drink

Unlike American soft drinks, Korean soft drinks are much different!

They offer more in the dairy or cream department, and others have a fruity-flavor. Unlike other soft drinks, Korean soft drinks are not terribly sweet.

Here are some of the popular Korean soft drinks that you can enjoy!


It is like an un-carbonated version of Red Bull with a Flintstones vitamin pill that gives it a metallic tang. The drink is sometimes touted as a remedy for hangovers in Korea. There is another variety of this drink, Bacchus-F, which has an extra amino acid taurine.

bacchus D korean soft drink

Paldo Aloe

It is an aloe-based drink that is gaining popularity all over the world. It has pulverized aloe pieces that make it a healthier drink option.

Lotte Milkis

It is not your typical fizzy drink but fizzy yogurt-y milk. It has a unique milk taste that works well with cool carbonate. This popular beverage comes in many different flavors – plain regular yogurt, strawberry, melon, apple, banana, and peach.

Lotte Milkis

Pororo Friends Fruit Flavor Drink

Pororo is a popular Korean children’s cartoon, a little blue penguin, and the drink comes in a bottle that is shaped like Pororo. It has a rich flavor and quite popular. Like Milkis, it also comes in a Milk Flavor along with others. There are variations in the fruit-flavored drink like strawberry, green grape, apple, and tropical fruit.

Pororo Friends Fruit Flavor Drink Korean soft drinks

Lotte 2% Peach Water

The Peach Water is not precisely water but more like Gatorade. It is lightly sweetened and has a delicate peach flavor.

Lotte 2% Peach Water

Lotte Sac Sac Orange

It is a sweet and refreshing mandarin orange juice. The drink has a lot of pulp, and it’s like a pulpy explosion in your mouth with a crisp taste of citrus.

Lotte Sac Sac Orange

Lotte Chilsung Cider

This is not the traditional cider, an apple-based drink, but it is a drink that is more similar to Sprite or even 7-Up. It has a light lemon-lime flavor with a slight cream-soda texture.

Lotte Chilsung Cider Korean soft drinks

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