The Ultimate Korean Experience: Daebak Box Spring 2023 Unveiled

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Dive into the Spring 2023 Daebak Box! This review explores authentic Korean products, from K-beauty to K-snacks, all delivered straight from Seoul!

Do you love all things Korean? Craving your favorite K-food flavors, resisting the temptation to get your hands on the latest K-beauty products, or just missing your favorite K-pop idols? Well, look no further than getting yourself a Daebak Box! This box is brimming with a variety of goodies directly from Seoul.

We recently received the latest Spring 2023 Box, and it’s a gem! Read ahead to find out about the beauties that’ll give you a taste of Korea.

First Impressions

Seeing gorgeous cherry blossoms and Rose of Sharon flowers on the top of the box was a treat in itself. Spread around a traditional Korean pavilion, it is a sight to behold. We hadn’t anticipated the box to be so large and snugly packed! It was almost bursting with the offerings inside.

The text “Made with ❤️ from Seoul” was certainly true when we opened the box and found the box filled to the brim!

What’s Inside The Daebak 2023 Spring Box?

The contents of the Daebak Spring Box were pleasantly overwhelming. There was everything – cute stationery, K-fashion, K-pop merch, K-beauty products, and even K-food.

Firstly, all the items were nicely packed. There was a letter including one of the promised products being replaced by an equally excellent alternative. What followed was just amazing!

The box had some unique items featuring cute characters from Korea, while others showcased Korean culture at its best.

Let’s see what all was included in the box!

Items in the Box

The biggest and most prominent item in the box was the DNA Case/Bag. If you are an ARMY fan, you will recognize the bright DNA lettering on the box. It’s a pretty big one, and you can definitely use it as a lunch box or a sling pouch.

Another pouch is inside this bag, a Kakao Friends Ryan Pouch, which is very cute. It will make a good place to store your K-goodies. It’s very cute and fluffy!

Beauty Products

Inside this pouch were two BT21 Essence Sheet Masks with BTS characters as their themed packaging. Although there are seven versions of this sheet mask, each with its own focus areas, we had KOYA and MANINI in the box as our surprise. The Manini mask primarily moisturizes, while the Koya mask is perfect for pore cleansing.

The pouch also had two amazing K-beauty products, Deoproce Repai Velvet Night Cream and Deoproce Snail Recovery Brightening Ampoule. Both creams are perfect for skin whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. Both products, renowned for their quality, address similar skin concerns. Using them together could amplify their benefits!

Fashion and Accessories

The box also contained a stunning Handmade Scarf, exuding traditional Korean fashion vibes. It will surely add a high chic, retro vibe to any outfit! The tiny, delicate flower patterning on the scarf will complement any style.

You can also sleep in style with the TRUZ LINE FRIENDS Character Sleep Mask. Ours featured Matetsu from the nurturing-based game created by Treasure in collaboration with LINE Friends. The mask itself is very soft to the touch and fluffy.

Daebak Box Spring 2023 items


When it comes to Korean food, nothing beats lip-smacking, mouth-watering Korean snacks. After a long day of work, the bowl of Migamyeon Seafood Flavored Rice Noodles is just what you need. The bowl of ramen was nicely packed, and it comes with a nice lid so that it can cook properly once you add hot water!

K-Pop Merch

Each Daebak box comes with a surprise K-pop album. We enjoyed the ATEEZ THE WORLD Ep.1: Movement album in our box. Just when you think the unboxing has ended, you enjoy the pleasure of opening a K-pop album!

Stationery and Other Little Goodies

The Spring Daebak Box had a tiny Snack Fever Memo Pad with tiny Post-its, a pen, and a diary. It’s perfect to carry on your next trip to South Korea. The best part is that it can fit in the Ryan Pouch, making it the perfect travel accessory with other essentials.

The box also had two LAVOIR Scented Dryer Sheets to make your laundry smell nice. Popping it in the laundry gave us a nice extra fragrance hint.

MBTI Stickers from MBITZ are perfect for giving your friends a tiny token based on their personalities.

There’s another cute character in the box, the ThumThum Keyring. It’s a cute white thumb-like character, giving you a thumbs-up!

We also had fun recreating a tiny box with the Make Your Own Daebak Box card sheet.

Eggbun Exclusives and Vouchers!

The cherry on top of all these exciting goodies is certain add-on interactive sheets from Egg Bun, and the Daebak Magazine. The magazine features a full page of exclusive coupons and tells you about the beauty of spring in South Korea and what’s in the box.

The Flashcards in Collaboration with Egg Bun are the perfect tools to learn some Korean language. We could also access certain exclusive chapters on the Egg Bun app thanks to our access to Daebak Box.

Our Daebak Experience

The joy of opening a Daebak Box comes not just from getting a box of goodies, but it is an experience packed in a box. It feels like you’ve been transported to South Korea. You get to discover amazing things about the country through its products. If you haven’t been able to travel to Korea for some time or are still waiting to make the first visit, this box can tide you over. It’ll almost feel like you are experiencing Korean culture from the comfort of your home!

And opening a new box a few times a year will certainly make you remember all your gift-opening Christmas morning memories!

All the items included in the box are authentic; no worries about counterfeit goods when it comes to Daebak Box. While you may not have a choice when it comes to the individual item in the box, what you get is nothing short of amazing. Everything will be a delightful surprise, making it an experience every time you open a new box.

How Much Does the Daebak Box Cost?

If you want a box full of Korean goodies on your doorstep, you can subscribe to the Daebak Box Seasonal Plan, priced at just US$54.99 per season. Alternatively, you can choose the Annual Plan priced at US$199.96 (turning out to be about US$10 cheaper at US$49.99 per season).

Use the code KPPKTP for an exclusive 5% discount on your every purchase!

And you don’t have to worry whether the box is delivered in your country or not. Daebak Box offers global shipping!

If you are a subscriber, you can avail of exclusive benefits like 20% off in Daebak Shop and early access to promotions, such as seasonal mystery boxes and more.

Find out more about the Daebak Box and other offerings from the company on its official website.

You can also follow their social media for updates on their amazing product range and interact with a vibrant community of followers.

Is The Daebak Box Worth It?

The Daebak Box is a subscription box that delivers various Korean goods to your door. The products in the box are of exceptional quality, surpassing expectations. There are cheaper alternatives to most of these items, but the quality is definitely good, especially considering the cost of the box.

The Daebak Box is a great option for fans of Korean culture, travel, music, or beauty. The box is varied and interesting, and there’s something for everyone. The Daebak Magazine is also a great addition to the box, providing more information about Korean culture and travel.

Overall, the Daebak Box is a great value for money and a great way to experience Korean culture. We would definitely recommend it to fans of Korean goods.

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