12 Best K-pop Merchandise Websites for Fans

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Do you love everything about K-pop and wish to keep collectibles of your favorite artists? If the die-hard fan in you wants to indulge in Korean culture, this article has you covered. You do not need to live in South Korea to feel close to them. Check out all the websites from where you can get your hands on your favorite K-pop merchandise.


This e-commerce giant leaves no stone unturned to provide its users with everything under the sun. They work with a universal approach and will always sell trending things. They sell everything like clothing, socks, dolls, and even posters concerning K-pop. Once you log in, your search will get flooded with options in this genre. Make sure you scout through at least two to three variants of the same offering before making a purchase. As Amazon has many sellers, you should buy only from the legit ones. It is advisable to check for reviews and the seller’s star rating before making a purchase.  


If you are looking for an authentic and large collection of K-pop merchandise, then Kpopshop is your best bet. In terms of popularity, this website holds the highest ranking. Whether you want to buy BLACKPINK specific merchandise or something only from BTS, this page has it all. They cover pop groups like Stray Kids and GOT7, amongst many others.

Kpopshop ensures its customers remain hooked and offers a free goodie with every purchase. Their products include posters, cards, calendars, decorations items, and exclusive lipsticks. They even make shipping free for K-pop fans across the world.

SM Global Shop

SM Global is a retail giant in the Asia-Pacific region. Their wing, called SM entertainment, has many K-pop brands signed in a contract. The online store features merchandise from brands such as Red Velvet, BoA, EXO, and others. This brand also houses K-pop products like puzzles, clothes, lipsticks, and bracelets. While their prices stay similar to other websites, the shipping cost varies depending on the location.


If you are not keen on purchasing official merchandise, Etsy is the place for you. While they do not sell official products, you will find things created by K-pop fans here. The K-pop enthusiasts sell products they make and find buyers here. They make youthful and trending offerings that other fans adore. You can also find small retailers on this page that sell K-pop merchandise as well.


When you want to look for official K-pop merchandise, head to this website. The Kpoptown has a vast collection, and it falls in the authentic category. Kpoptown holds the certification of authenticity of merchandise from Gaon and Hanteo. Not only merch, but this website also sells mini albums from bands like BLACKPINK, Mamamoo, NCT127, and even BTS. They come up with sale or price drop options on select merchandise, so watch out.


This is one of the most sought-after K-pop merchandise websites. While the selection on this page is not massive yet is unique. There are chances you will find something here that other pages will not have. They not only sell K-pop products but also offer a range of K-beauty items. They charge for shipping depending upon the weight of the package and not the distance.

An advantage of buying from this website is that they allow you to pre-order albums. For fans who want to get their hands on albums before the crowd and love to flaunt them, head to Kpopmart.


This website also offers merchandise that falls in the official category. They also sell Korean magazines, collectibles, K-beauty products, and fashion clothing. They offer affordable pricing and provide the latest products, and sometimes you can find things that do not show on other websites.


While this particular website does not sell much merchandise, they do sell signed albums. These albums can quickly become a collector’s item. You can buy these and flaunt them to your friends or other K-pop lovers. Their merchandise collection is small and limited. This website falls under the banner of CJ ENM, whose parent company is the Korean mass media and entertainment giant CJ Group. 


If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for everything Asian, Yesasia is your website. Here you will find things related to Asian drama, toys, collectibles, pop, and anime. Their shipping is free above a designated value. You can get your hands on some select merchandise here. They are official partners with Gaon, and you can conveniently pay via PayPal or use any credit card.

An advantage of this website is its policy to make amendments even at the last minute. With an excellent customer service record, you do not need to worry about your products once the order gets placed.


When you search for official K-pop merchandise, Cokodive is a prominent name. This page is a K-pop dedicated website that offers everything related to solo artists or even bands. They sell unofficial and official goods and enjoy a massive fan following. They offer items at affordable prices and even give free shipping with every order. You can even buy their K-pop mystery box related to either BTS or their mystery album bag. These boxes make for ideal gifts for your friends who love K-pop.

Daebak Company

This website houses everything K-pop. They have subscription boxes, goods boxes, jewelry, and snack boxes. Along with these, this website has an entire platform dedicated to shopping. You can find official merchandise here, along with non-official ones. While you may find it expensive, the quality is guaranteed with the Daebak Company. Check out their website for lifestyle products and other Korean offerings.  

 In the end!

There are many websites where you can fulfill your desire to buy K-pop merchandise goods. Just compare prices, check for authenticity, and shop all you want.

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