Unleash Your Dream with FIRST Official Kpop International School in South Korea

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Imagine a school where the beats of Kpop echo through the hallways, where every lesson harmonizes with your passion for music and dance. In the heart of Busan, South Korea, this dream is becoming a reality. The first official Kpop International High School is set to open its doors, offering a unique educational experience that blends traditional learning with the exciting energy of Kpop. Still, what is it about, and how is it different from regular private schools? Here’s everything we know so far.

South Korea to Open First Official International High School in Busan

Exciting news for Kpop fans and aspiring artists! Busan is gearing up to launch the first-ever Kpop International School in South Korea.

Earlier this month, Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education announced its plans to establish an international high school that provides Kpop education to students. This formal education will offer proper training in related performances available in the Southeastern port city of Busan.

According to Korean media reports, this groundbreaking institution will transform the former Garak Middle School into a hub of Kpop learning. Soon enough, this visionary institution will become a dream factory for both local and international students passionate about Kpop.

kpop international high school busan south korea
The possible location for South Korea International Kpop High School, currently Garak Middle School. | Korea Electronics Exhibition

What is it About?

Still, what is this Kpop International High School all about? What makes it different from regular training institutions and private schools?

Unlike regular Kpop training camps that have been growing rapidly in South Korea, Busan is planning to make game-changing innovations with this new Kpop International High School.

With this breakthrough, South Korea is trying to embrace a wider and more diverse student base. Hence, students from all around the world would be able to enroll in this school as long as they have sufficient qualifications. Not only that, but the school also set a new standard with an extensive formal curriculum that delves into the vibrant world of Kpop. Of course, this curriculum will cater to both Korean and international students alike.

That way, this unique educational setting will be able to blend cultural insights with intensive Kpop training, making it the first of its kind in the region. This place is where your global Kpop dream begins!

For illustration. | Twitter

Benefits of Joining First Kpop International High School in South Korea

So, what are the benefits that you will get by enrolling in this Kpop International High School? And will it give you higher debut opportunities?

Currently, the plan is still in a preliminary stage, and the officials are still working on finalizing the details and specifications of the curriculum. However, the main focus will be providing the students with an immersive Kpop experience.

Therefore, the school’s curriculum will cover everything from vocals and dance to songwriting and composing. It’s tailored to mold students into well-rounded Kpop artists, equipping them with skills on par with those taught in the big Kpop agencies.

What’s more, suppose you get accepted into a Kpop agency’s training program, then enrolling to this International Kpop high school will double your training opportunities. Your Kpop training program is not only limited to the agency’s in-house activities, but you will be training formally at school as well.

Who knows? By experiencing more extensive training time, you will be able to hone your Kpop skills further. That way, you will speed up your progress in becoming a high-quality trainee like BABYMONSTER Ahyeon or NMIXX Sullyoon. And in the end, it gives you a better chance of debuting.

When Will Busan Open The Kpop International High School?

Mark your calendars for March 2028! That’s when this avant-garde educational journey begins in Busan. This date is significant not only for South Korea but also for the entire global Kpop community. As the anticipation is building, the countdown has begun for this monumental opening.

How to Join?

So, are you ready to join this new Kpop breakthough in Busan? Keep your eyes peeled for admission updates, as this school is set to revolutionize Kpop education. It’s a chance for international students to immerse themselves in the world of Kpop, right in the heart of South Korea.

Therefore, stay tuned as more details will soon unfold, paving your path to Kpop stardom. Let your journey to the Kpop stardom begin with Kpop International High School!

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Source: YNA.

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