HYBE Entering the Gaming Industry with HYBE IM: A Game-To-Metaverse Subsidiary

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A press conference was held on the sideline during the BG-Star gaming show in the BEXCO convention center on Saturday, November 19, where HYBE will service Flint’s newly launched mobile game Dragon Blaze 2: Knights of Veda. This is the first project since its announcement of the company’s foray into the gaming industry.

HYBE is a south Korean-based entertainment company that also manages BigHit, which manages BTS. HYBE is setting its foot outside the music industry and venturing into the gaming world. As a result, they have acquired the stakes in Flint. Flint is a gaming studio that is famous for creating the popular Dragon Blaze game. 

So far, there is no disclosure on the financial transactions about the size of the stake acquired by HYBE. However, it is confirmed that the decision to enter the gaming industry was made when the company was focusing on the metaverse. On top of that, they are expanding HYBE into a separate unit HYBE IM. HYBE IM is the research unit for the metaverse, gaming, AI, and other visual entertainment. 

The Plan

HYBE has artists’ IPs which can be a suitable element to implement in their games. However, the company will try not to showcase these important properties. The CEO of HYBE, IM Jeong Woo-Yong, says that the company is making a game based on their artists and music. After that, they are also planning to launch two Macovill games. The plan is to be implemented by the end of next year. HYBE IM has already agreed to publish two local games next year with Macovill.

Blockchain is also a significant concern for the games; however, Bang and Park are not concentrating on it at the moment. Moreover, there is an internal group that discusses the issues regarding blockchain. 

All you need to know about HYBE IM

HYBE IM is a subsidiary company of HYBE, which is one of the most popular multi-label entertainment companies. They manage BigHit, which releases the songs of BTS. HYBE IM was launched in March during the diversification of HYBE into other businesses.

HYBE IM is a game-to-metaverse subsidiary that is partnered with Flint. They both collaboratively launch the new mobile game Dragon Blaze 2. Moreover, HYBE IM has already released two casual games in the past. “Rhythm Hybe and BTS Island: In the SEOM are their initial installments. Member of BTS worked with the creation of BTS Island, which resulted in the registration of over 6.8 million users. 

HYBE IM A-game-to-metaverse subsidiary

HYBE will add a game development and distribution division to its already vast catalog of ventures. The company is famous for providing record labels, talent agencies, music production companies, etc. Bang Si-Hyuk aims to create a top-level gaming innovation just like they did with their music business. As a result, the metaverse and gaming will introduce more ways to have fun for their customers.

The executives of HYBE are optimistic about the future of HYBE IM. The self develops games will be improved with the sudden focus on the publishing business. Moreover, this further creates a strong approach for introducing their gaming business.

Final thoughts

The games that will come out of HYBE IM will integrate with other projects. As a result. We are already seeing the development of the game that will be based on artists and music. Gamers should be excited for the two Macovill games in September 2023. 

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