CLAM – Create NFT of Your Most Precious Moments with Korean Startup Lutra

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CLAM is a mobile app by Korean startup Lutra where users can create NFT of their real-life experiences and connects brands with consumers.

Lutra’s CLAM is an NFT solution that brings together the youth, enthusiasts, and brands. This CES-winning NFT brand allows users to create NFT by capturing experiences. Simply click a fun and memorable photo and turn it into NFT using CLAM. 

Overview of Lutra

Lutra is a popular digital merch and NFT creator in the K-NFT category. It is the only brand that has gained the attention of many media outlets. Its main highlighting time zone is its CES innovation awards. The company has received the CES 2023 Innovation Awards. As a result, the company has become one of the most pronounced entities in the world of NFT and smart digital merch.

What is CLAM?

CLAM by Lutra is a digitally distributed non-fungible token that has its own distinct feature. Every NFT has its main selling point; similarly, CLAM has a unique selling point. CLAM app by Lutra allows users to create NFT of their real-life experiences. 

Anyone can access CLAM via their smartphone since it comes in the form of an app. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. CLAM is compatible with iOS version iOS 8 or more. Similarly, CLAM on Android is compatible with Android version 8.0 and above. The current version of CLAM that is available on Play Store is 1.0.2.

To create an NFT, users have to access the CLAM app. After that, they have to take a memorable picture using the app. Now CLAM will start collecting data regarding that specific experience. From time to location, CLAM will preserve all the information. Now users have to tap on “Click” to create their own personalized NFT.

How can we keep the card?

CLAM NFTs are trendy and unique collectible items. It can be seen as exclusive merch in certain social events. Thousands of users have already created CLAM NFTs by capturing their own unique moments.

CLAM NFTs can be used as limited edition merch at pop-up stores and festivals. Those exclusive spaces connect brands and customers to attract the market. Moreover, these NFTs provide other benefits, such as prize drawings and memberships.

CLAM Receipts

Users can plan and create NFT outside of the Lutra CLAM app. The app is not the only tool to create real-life experiences capturing NFT. Users can use the CLAM receipt machine to create NFTs. However, users will not receive the NFT card directly through the machine. NFT receipts will be provided via the receipt machine, which can be later used to collect the NFT card. 

CLAM receipt is an offline exchange ticket that is issued or printed on the spot. The receipt includes a unique QR code that users can use to generate the NFT. CLAM receipts are fun, colorful, and full of illustrations. As a result, the exchange tickets have their own value, and users would love to keep them first. 

What can we do?

CLAM NFT is a digital merch that can be used to create exclusive and fun events. The CLAM space includes digital merch, hot brands, and enthusiasts. As a result, the trendy environment is an amazing place to organize events where CLAM NFT can exchange gifts and rewards. 

Interested users can create their own personalized NFTs with unique card designs. 


Customers and brands around the world are receiving positive outcomes from the usage of Lutra CLAM NFT app. The company provides an amazing experience and events that connect all types of brands and a new generation of customers. 

The NFT cards look playful and unique, which the GenZs would love to experience. On top of that, collecting this digital merch and using them exclusively in special events is a big cherry on top. 

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