New BTS Game is Coming! Com2uS to Release Cooking Game Featuring the Tiny Tan

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Fans of Kpop megastar BTS, prepare yourself for a new round of adventure with your favorite members and its Tiny Tan personas! A new BTS game is in development from the renowned Korean gaming company Com2uS, and you will be delighted to join BTS Tiny Tan members and their new restaurant business! So, what is this new BTS game? And what kind of adventure will Com2uS deliver through this new project? Let us find out together in the following complete reports.

New BTS Game is Coming: Korean Titan Com2uS to Release Cooking Simulation Featuring the Tiny Tan

It has been a while since Kpop gamers enjoy a moment of indulgence together with the global star BTS and its Tiny Tan characters. After the unexpected shutdown of “BTS World and “BTS Universe Story, the only official game that fans can enjoy together while spending dedicated time with their favorite members, Tiny Tan characters is the successful mobile game, “BTS Island: In the Seom.”

Along with BTS Island: In the Seom, there are various collaboration games featuring the Kpop megastar BTS. For example, BTS previously collaborated with “Cookie Run: Kingdom for a special event. And this collaboration even offers special concert tickets for fans.

Also, BTS’ eldest member Jin once collaborated with “Maple Story for an exciting promotion and special program. Moreover, BTS members even designed their custom skins for Garena’s “Free Fire.

And yet, events only lasted for a while. Therefore, you only have limited time to play and spend time with your favorite members of Kpop megastar BTS, and it’s just not enough.

So, are you longing for more creative content and more interactive excitement with your favorite BTS and their Tiny Tan characters? Rest assured. Soon enough, you will be able to welcome the adorable BTS Tiny Tan in a new game developed by prominent Korean gaming company, Com2uS.

The game is called “BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant.”

Establish Your Culinary Business with “BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant”

On January 19, Korean media reported that renowned titan in mobile gaming, Com2uS, was currently working on 3 new global games. One of their upcoming game projects will be “BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant.”

According to the report, “BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant” is a collaboration project between BTS’ adorable Tiny Tan characters and a powerhouse in the global cooking game, GRAMPUS. Previously, GRAMPUS released one of the most popular cooking simulation games called “Cooking Adventure”. This game is famous for its delightful character and meticulous details in the food designs.

In collaboration with GRAMPUS, Com2uS will be releasing “BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant”. It is a cooking simulation game where you can build and develop your own culinary business. Better yet, you can do it together with the adorable Tiny Tan character of the Kpop megastar, BTS.

new bts tiny tan game by korean gaming titan com2us koreaproductpost
“BTS Cooking On: Tiny Tan Restaurant” initial image release. | Newsis

MORE Exciting Games from Korean Gaming Titan, Com2uS

In addition to announcing the new BTS game, Com2uS also revealed a media showcase they’d hold on January 25. The showcase would reveal 2 other global games the company would release this year.

“Starseed: Asnia Trigger”

The first game the Korean company would release is “Starseed: Asnia Trigger”. Developed by Joy City’s subsidiary, Mojito Games, “Starseed: Asnia Trigger” is an urban fantasy RPG with a unique AI (artificial intelligence) training aspect.

new bts tiny tan game by korean gaming titan com2us koreaproductpost
Starseed: Asnia Trigger” | Newsis

This game distinguishes itself with its beautifully designed female characters boasting realistic proportions. Not only that, but this Korean game also promises to deliver an immersive experience through its high-quality original art and stunningly animated cutscenes, setting a new standard in the RPG genre.

The game’s blend of AI elements and captivating visual storytelling positions it as a noteworthy upcoming release in the gaming world.

“Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice”

In addition to the aforementioned Korean game, Com2uS is set to release “Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice.” It is a mobile adaptation of the globally acclaimed game “Frostpunk” by NetEase.

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice | Newsis

This move marks a significant expansion of Com2uS’s portfolio. Besides, it also showcases the company’s commitment to bringing diverse and renowned gaming experiences to the mobile platform.

“Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice” promises to offer the intense and engaging gameplay that made its PC counterpart a hit. And the developer now optimized this marvelous project for mobile devices.

With these new high-quality games, Korean gaming titan Com2uS wished to expand into the global gaming market.

“We plan to strategically target the global market from various angles with Com2uS’s publishing capabilities, which have been proven in the global market, and the high-quality content of each game.”


So, which one are you excited about? The new BTS game? Or the other two impressive projects that Korean gaming titan Com2uS would soon release? Please share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for more info regarding the new BTS game.

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