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There is no doubt that K-pop is a massive phenomenon in the world, and with Vlive, the Korean video stream platform, it is only going to get more popular. Imagine being in the comfort of your home and being able to experience an immersive concert of your favorite K-pop group. 

Vlive brings you tons of joy through live streaming of Korean and K-pop-related entertainment media that you can access directly from your phone. Vlive is set to grow bigger in 2022, so it must be interesting to know what it will offer to the global market. 

Weverse Overview

In 2022, all the operations and services of the Vlive will be transferred from Naver to Weverse. Naver Corporation is a South Korean platform with its own web portal where they have their own search engine. The platform was launched in 1999, and this company introduced Vlive in august 2015. 

In 2021, Naver put a lot of effort into improving and promoting the Vlive platform. It is where one of the most awaited entertainment media in South Korea is released. On top of that, BTS also announced their album “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself,” except for the finale season on Vlive. This Korean boy band has its own official channel on Vlive, along with plenty of other Kpop groups.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there was a sudden spike in the traffic or monthly signups on the Vlive platform. As a result, between 2021 and 2022, the number of total users in Vlive increased drastically. Thanks to the emergence of Kpop groups, especially BTS, BlackPink, and Twice, people demand immersive and realistic live quality. Vlive is set to improve its user experience, starting with high-resolution picture quality. 

In the 5G network era, Weverse developers and its team are focusing on capitalizing on fast internet, which people have in today’s day and age. Vlive will gradually become a global entertainment platform starting in 2022. As a result, the app is now also called Vapp in some regions. Vlive or Vapp is safely available for download in both the Play Store and the App Store.

What is V-Live?

Vlive is the most popular live video streaming platform in South Korea. The platform heavily focuses on showcasing the south Korean entertainment industry via its live streaming services. Although the authority of Vlive has shifted from Naver to Weverse, the purpose of Vlive has not changed a bit. In fact, the shifting was done to lead this live streaming platform to a new growth phase. 

Vlive is where many K-pop groups broadcast their live stream and exclusively announce their new songs or albums. The app has a live chat integrated where fans can interact with their idol in the live stream. Fans or Vlive get to experience behind the scenes of their favorite K-pop group and get a sneak peek into their personal life. Moreover, Vlive also broadcasts live performances, award shows, reality TV shows, etc.

This app has over 200 million downloads, which is surprising for a region-specific app. The app is growing outside of South Korea, and millions of people from around the world also use Vlive. A major factor behind that is the popularity of K-pop at the global level. Users can watch live streams online through the app, which is available for iOS and Android. 

Vlive is a gateway for K-pop groups to reach the global level and expose this music genre to non-Korean speaking people. Around 18% of the Vlive users are from Korea, which means that around 72% of Vlive users are from outside of South Korea. China comes in second place at 9% of users and then comes the USA with 8%. 

With 5G, Vlive can also work with VR to provide realistic and immersive live streaming of K-pop concerts. Vlive will be promoting K-pop VR content and gradually making it the norm on this platform. Weverse has partnered with local agencies to provide K-pop content that is VR-friendly.


Vlive is the main entertainment source for many people, especially for those who love K-pop. It is a one-stop shop for accessing K-pop entertainment media and other Korean shows. Apart from that, fans also can talk with their favorite K-pop groups via live chat. Vlive is a flourishing community of Korean culture and K-pop lovers. It is like a platform where people with similar interests come together and have a great time. 

Website: https://www.vlive.tv/home/chart

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