20+ BEST Popular Mobile Games by South Korean Companies in 2023

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2023 has been another banner year for mobile gaming, with South Korean companies rising to the global gaming industry. From epic MMORPGs to engaging strategy RPGs, the diversity and quality of Korean mobile games on offer are unparalleled. So, let’s dive into the best 15 Korean mobile games in 2023 that have captured the hearts of players around the globe. Discover which one of these gems you’re still hooked on today!

best korean mobile games 2023

20+ Best Mobile Games in South Korea in 2023

All by Prominent South Korean Gaming Companies

1. Lineage Series (“Lineage M”, “Lineage 2 M”, “Lineage W”)

It’s already 3 months past 2023 and the renowned Lineage series are still dominating the Korean gaming industry. Solidifying the Lineage franchise’s position in the mobile gaming market, all the games are famous not only for its high revenue, but also engaging MMORPG gameplay.

2. Odin: Valhalla Rising

Secondly among the best and most popular Korean mobile games is the Odin: Valhalla Rising. Developed by Lionheart Studio and published by Kakao Games, this game draws on Nordic mythology for its thematic and gameplay elements.


Thirdly, we have NIGHT CROWS, developed and published by Wemade Co., Ltd. This game has also carved its niche by delving into a richly woven fantasy world, offering players an immersive experience that blends strategic gameplay with an expansive narrative.

Not only that but NIGHT CROWS also leverages Wemade’s expertise in creating engaging digital environments, setting itself apart with its unique thematic elements and commitment to providing a captivating gaming experience.

4. MU Monarch

As a continuation of the legendary MU series, MU Monarch captures the essence of its predecessors while introducing advanced mobile gaming technologies and features. Developed by Webzen, this game further showcases the company’s prowess in crafting MMORPGs. It also gives you a vast, open-world experience that harks back to the epic narratives and immersive gameplay of the original MU Online.

5. Tiny Quest: 4080 Summon Gift

Additionally, Tiny Quest: 4080 Summon Gift is still the talk of the town among 2023 best Korean mobile games. Developed by the Superbox Inc., it is not only the quirky name that’s catching everyone’s attention. Instead, it is the whole package that captivate players’ attentions!

6. Red Desert: Team RPG

Meanwhile, Red Desert: Team RPG, from Clegames, is captivating gamers worldwide. The unique team-based strategy also hooks everyone, with stunning visuals adding charm. Moreover, the engaging gameplay ensures it’s a standout in the RPG genre.

7. Three Kingdoms of Darkness

At the same time, Three Kingdoms of Darkness by Efun is taking the gaming world by storm. It is also one of the best Korean games that merges historical intrigue with fantasy, thrilling players. Besides, its immersive story and vivid graphics make it an unforgettable adventure in the strategy genre.

8. Gray Ward: Horror Defense

On the other hand, Gray Ward: Horror Defense by Ekkorr is sending shivers down players’ spines. Blending horror with defense tactics, it offers unique thrills. Its eerie atmosphere and gripping gameplay also ensure it stands out in the horror game category.

9. Melon Maker: Fruit Game

Further among the best and most popular Korean mobile games 2023 is the Melon Maker: Fruit Game by “Tiny Quest” company, Superbox Inc. This game is sweetening the mobile game scenes with juicy puzzle that blends fun with strategy. Its vibrant colors and addictive gameplay also make it a refreshing pick in the puzzle genre.

10. CookieRun: OvenBreak

Meanwhile, CookieRun: OvenBreak by DevSisters is still dominating as one of the best and fast-paced Korean mobile games. This runner has mixed charm with challenge, which are extremely enticing gamers. Its whimsical characters and dynamic levels also bake up a delightful experience in the endless runner category.

11. Zombie High School

Trending as one of 2023 best and most popular Korean arcade mobile games, the Zombie High School by Awesomepiece turns the tables with its thrilling blend of survival and strategy. This game will also hook you with its unique setting, combining school life with zombie apocalypse drama.

12. Dragon Flight

Indeed, this game might be old school, but believe it or not, it’s still dominating the South Korean mobile gaming industry. It soars above the rest with its exhilarating arcade action. This game captivates with its simple yet addictive dragon-riding gameplay, inviting players to dodge and weave through endless challenges. Not only that, but its vibrant graphics and dynamic mechanics also make it a standout in the arcade shooter genre.

13. Grow Castle – Tower Defense

If you like simple mobile games you can casually complete in your spare time, Grow Castle – Tower Defense by RAON GAMES will be your favorite! This game combines strategic tower defense with continuous upgrades, keeping players engaged for hours. Its cartoonish art style and depth of strategy ensure it’s a tower above in the defense game scene

14. Seven Knights Idle Adventure

At the same time, Netmarble’s renowned franchise Seven Knights remains on top of 2023 Korean best mobile games with its Seven Knights Idle Adventure. With its effortless charm, this idle RPG merges ease with depth, offering a hands-off yet engaging experience. Its rich story and vivid graphics weave together, making it a standout in the idle game category.

15. KartRider Series (Rush+ & Drift)

Both KartRider Rush+ and KartRider Drift still dominates the Korean gaming markets with its thrilling speed and competitive gameplay. These games blend vibrant visuals with fluid mechanics, offering an exhilarating racing experience. Their mix of customizable karts and tracks further ensures they’re a dynamic duo in the racing game scene.

16. PUBG Mobile

Once collaborated with Kpop’s sensations BLACKPINK, KRAFTON’s PUBG Mobile remains at the top of the mobile gaming battlefield with its intense action and strategic play. The battle royale pioneer mixes survival tactics with fast-paced combat, keeping players on the edge of their seats. Moreover, its realistic graphics and expansive maps ensure it remains a juggernaut in the multiplayer genre.

17. Dynasty Warriors M

Meanwhile, Dynasty Warriors M by NEXON Company will bring epic battles to the palm of your hand. The game revitalizes the classic franchise with mobile-optimized action, allowing players to engage in sweeping historical conflicts. What’s more, the combination of legendary heroes and massive skirmishes ensure its position as one of the best and most popular Korean action mobile games in 2023 .

18. Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Additionally, Uma Musume Pretty Derby by Kakao Games Corp. races ahead as one of 2023 best Korean mobile simulation games, perfectly blending the racing and idol management genres. It not only captivates with its innovative concept, but also with engaging storyline and vibrant graphics make it a frontrunner in the simulation genre.

19. Wooparoo Odyssey

Developed by NHN Corp, Wooparoo Odyssey is also enchanting players with its magical world of creature collecting and adventure. This game also blends delightful creature design with strategic gameplay, offering a captivating experience. Its whimsical graphics and immersive world-building further ensure it’s a standout in the fantasy game category.

20. Hunter Raid: Idle RPG

In addition, Hunter Raid: Idle RPG by Gameberry Studio is slicing through the competition with its blend of idle mechanics and RPG elements. This game allows players to amass a team of hunters, further tackling dungeons with strategic ease. It offers auto-battle and deep customization features, which are a hit in the idle RPG genre.

21. Idle Ninja Online: AFK MMORPG

Finally, we have Idle Ninja Online: AFK MMORPG by Puzzle Monsters Inc, sneaking into the spotlight with its mix of ninja lore and idle gameplay. This game allows players to explore vast worlds and battle foes, all while managing their ninja clan. Its combination of auto-play mechanics and immersive RPG elements makes it a sharp contender in Korean mobile idle MMORPG games 2023 .

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