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Stellar Blade: New Korean Game Sensation – Get 50% OFF and Try it for FREE!

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A new Korean PS5 game has been making a massive sensation in global gaming communities, especially those who play the Sony PlayStation 5 console. And guess what? Korean company SHIFT UP is allowing players to try this game out for FREE! So, how do you do it? And where can you actually buy this stunning Korean PS5 game, Stellar Blade? No worries! We have just the right update for you!

Korean PS5 Game Stellar Blade Makes Sensation in Global Market

Stellar Blade, a new Korean game for PlayStation 5 (PS5), is becoming a sensation in the global gaming community!

It has only been over a month after Stellar Blade release date between April 25 and 26 this year, but the game has been breaking records in the gaming industry as #1 best-seller game on Amazon in multiple regions!

Stellar Blade is developed by Korean gaming company, SHIFT UP. Founded by Kim Hyung Tae in 2013, the company is famous for its visually stunning and artistically rich games, including the previous sensations, Destiny Child and Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

Try the Korean Game for FREE on PS5!

Not only this Korean PS5 game has become a global sensation, but it has also given rare opportunities for worldwide players!

Unlike other gaming companies who would capitalize their product to the max, SHIFT UP is giving away chances to try Stellar Blade for free before you decide to buy the game instead. How? By collaborating with the PlayStation Store using the PS Plus Premium subscription!

buy korean ps5 game stellar blade

Currently, this action-packed game already has a demo available on the PS Store, and the progress you make carries over to the full game. With the PS Plus Premium trial, you can enjoy an additional two hours of gameplay. Combine this with the demo, and you have plenty to explore.

Stellar Blade’s main story takes about 20-22 hours to complete, but if you’re into side quests, expect around 40 hours of gameplay. The bosses are tough, so we recommend diving into those side quests for a smoother journey.

Additionally, Stellar Blade is part of the PlayStation Stars rewards program. Unfortunately, the program has been offline recently, but Sony is working on a fix. Once it’s back, you can redeem your points towards the game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience this amazing game for free!

Where to Buy Stellar Blade – SALE 50% OFF?

Meanwhile, if you are so severely captivated by this Korean PS5 game that you want to take it home right away, you can purchase it from Amazon. What’s more, you can immediately get 50% off SALE , and buy Stellar Blade for 69 USD only from the link below!

Finally, don’t forget to visit Stellar Blade official website and follow this amazing Korean PS5 game on its X account for the latest updates!

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