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5 Best Korean Dramas to Remind You of Dad’s Sacrifice on Father’s Day 2024

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How much does a father love his children? We often glorify a mother’s love as the one who carries and gives birth to a child, but what about the father? Does it make a father’s love any less significant? On Father’s Day 2024, let’s celebrate the unsung heroes—our fathers—who have sacrificed so much for us. Korean dramas have a special way of portraying the deep, often unspoken bond between fathers and their children. Here are five heartwarming Korean dramas that beautifully capture the essence of a father’s sacrifice and love, perfect for reminding you of your dad’s enduring strength and dedication on this Father’s Day 2024.

5 Best Korean Dramas to Watch on Father’s Day 2024

Let’s Reminisce the Love and Sacrifice of Our Beloved Fathers

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

best father’s day korean dramas 2024
  • Year: 2022
  • Cast: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Netflix

It is never easy to raise a child with special needs, especially Woo Young Woo and her genius autism spectrum. That is why Woo Young Woo’s father, Woo Gwang Ho, of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is among the best dads in Korean dramas whose sacrifice we will forever remember.

His dedication and selflessness in supporting Woo Young Woo and her life’s journey will make you remember that a father’s love is so powerful on this 2024 Father’s Day.

2. All of Us Are Dead

best father’s day korean dramas 2024
  • Year: 2022
  • Cast: Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hu, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon
  • Episode: 10
  • Watch on: Netflix

Dads will not hesitate to make sacrifices for their children, even when they must die in the process. That’s what exactly happened to Nam Onjo’s father, Nam So Ju. He’s a dedicated firefighter who did everything to protect his daughter, rescuing her from the Zombie outbreak and eventually turning into one in the process.

Watching his sacrifice on this 2024 Father’s Day will remind you that fathers will do everything at all costs to protect their precious children.

3. Hospital Playlist

best father’s day korean dramas 2024
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok
  • Episode: 24 (12 episodes each season)
  • Watch on: Netflix

Thirdly, we have one of the main characters of “Hospital Playlist,” one of the best medical Korean dramas featuring the most dedicated dad, Lee Ik Jun.

Although he may be a brilliant surgeon, he never forgets his role as a father to his adorable son, Lee Woo Joo. He always maintains his role as a dad, cooking for his son, and spending quality time together. Instead of chasing his career, Lee Ik Jun prioritizes his son’s happiness.

Watch “Hospital Playlist,” and you will believe again that there are still fathers who choose to prioritize his family over work.

4. Itaewon Class

itaewon class
  • Year: 2020
  • Cast: Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Netflix

You may have easily skipped this part, but if you watch “Itaewon Class” again this 2024 Father’s Day, you will immediately notice that the series has one of the best dads in all of Korean dramas.

Dads are the first line of protectors in the family, especially for the children, and that is exactly what Park Saeroyi’s father, Park Sung Yeol, did for his son. When Park Saeroyi was forced to kneel, his father defended him at the cost of his job. And he still gladly did it.

Park Sung Yeol in “Itaewon Class” helps us understand that no matter what happens, dads will always be their children’s strongest defenders.

5. Moving

  • Year: 2023
  • Cast: Jo In Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Go Yoon Jung, Lee Jung Ha
  • Episode: 20
  • Watch on: Disney+

Finally, one of the best Korean dramas that’s perfect to showcase the love of a father on this 2024 Father’s Day is “Moving,” an impressive masterpiece from the great Kang Full.

Throughout the story, this Korean drama repeatedly showcases the love of a father to their children from different perspectives. Kim Doo Sik protected his family by leaving them safe since he was the one being hunted.

Jang Ju Won raised his daughter by himself, making sure that despite all their special abilities and hardships, his daughter could live a normal, happy life. And don’t you dare mess with his daughter because he would turn from a kindhearted, lovely father into a ruthless immortal guardian!

Finally, even though he may have special needs, Lee Jae Man’s love to Lee Gang Hoon surpasses everything. No matter what Lee Gang Hoon did, his father would wait for him to come home every day. And when his son was in danger, he would immediately run to his rescue, using all his hidden power.

As we honor Father’s Day 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the silent, steadfast love and sacrifices our fathers have made for us. These Korean dramas beautifully capture the essence of a father’s devotion and unwavering support, reminding us of the incredible strength and love that often goes unnoticed. And so, this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate and cherish our fathers, recognizing their invaluable role in

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