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Pre-Order BTS Jimin New Solo Album, “MUSE” Today!

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A new BTS album is coming out very soon! BTS brilliant vocalist Park Jimin will soon return with a new solo album comeback called, “MUSE.” Don’t miss the chance to complete your BTS album collection, and here’s where you can pre-order Jimin new “MUSE” solo album!

BTS Jimin Returns with New Solo Album, “MUSE”

The passionate dancer-vocalist of BTS, Park Jimin is making his highly-anticipated return in the global music industry!

On June 18, BTS officially announced a new upcoming solo album for one of its members, Jimin. The announcement further revealed that the new album will feature 7 impressive tracks, including “Closer Than This,” the fan song Jimin created before enlisting for his mandatory military duty.

Further in the announcement, the music label of BTS, BIGHIT Music, shared the story behind BTS Jimin new solo comeback album, “MUSE.” According to BIGHIT, this album reflects Jimin’s journey as a musician, illustrating his long search for inspiration.

Think of “MUSE” as a sequel to his previous solo album, “FACE.” Just as in any captivating story, Jimin’s musical voyage continues to unfold, with “MUSE” adding another chapter to his artistic evolution.

Therefore, you can later look forward to experiencing the next phase of Jimin’s creative journey through this highly anticipated album.

Pre-Order BTS Jimin “MUSE” Today!

So, get ready to add another gem to your BTS collection! Jimin is dropping his second solo album, “MUSE,” next month and you won’t want to miss the chance to pre-order it!

The album is set to release on Friday, July 19, 2024, but you can start placing your pre-orders TODAY, from June 18.

Therefore, here’s everything you need to know to secure your copy of “MUSE.”

BTS Jimin New “MUSE” Solo Album Pre-Order Period & Where?

Mark your calendars! The pre-order period for Jimin’s “MUSE” kicks off on Tuesday, June 18 and runs until Thursday, July 18, 2024 (KST). This gives you a whole month to get your orders in before the official release.

You can pre-order “MUSE” from various online and offline retailers. Here’s a list of where you can place your orders:



Retailers may vary by country and region, so be sure to check the website before making your purchase.

All pre-ordered albums will be shipped in the order they are received starting from the release date, July 19, 2024.

Therefore, the sooner you place your order, the sooner you’ll get your hands on “MUSE.”

BTS Jimin New “MUSE” Solo Album Pre-Order Versions & What’s Inside?

At the same time, BTS Jimin new “MUSE” solo comeback album comes in 2 stunning versions: BLOOMING and SERENADE.

Let’s take a closer look at what each version includes:


  • Package Box: 1 type per version / W184 × H184 × T20 (mm)
  • CD Sleeve: 1 type per version / W180 × H180 (mm)
  • CD-R: 1 type per version / W120 × H120 (mm)
  • Photo Book: 1 type per version / W180 × H180 (mm), 88 pages
  • Card Set: 1 set (7 types) per set / W160 × H160 (mm)
  • Folding Poster: 1 type per version / W182 × H364 (mm)
  • Instant Photo: 1 random type out of 3 per version / W108 × H85 (mm)
  • Coaster: 1 type per version / W110 × H110 (mm)
  • Sticker Pack: 1 type per version / W180 × H180 (mm)
  • Photo Card: 1 type per version / W55 × H85 (mm)

MUSE (Weverse Albums ver.)

  • Sleeve Box: 1 type / W132 × H92 × T17 (mm)
  • Booklet: 1 type / W124 × H85 (mm), 40 pages
  • 3D Instant Photo: 1 random type out of 2 / W108 × H85 (mm)
  • QR CARD: 1 type / W124 × H85 (mm)
  • User Guide: 1 type / W124 × H85 (mm)
  • Photo Card: 1 type / W55 × H85 (mm)

Finally, pre order BTS Jimin new “MUSE” solo album today! It is a fantastic way to show your support and ensure you get all the exclusive goodies included in each version.

But remember, the pre-order period is from June 18 to July 18, 2024 ONLY! So, make sure you secure your share of copies to get all the extra benefits you can never acquire for standard purchase. After all it’s BTS we’re talking about!

Are you ready? Happy pre-ordering then, ARMY!

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