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Korean Hangover “Cure”: What It’s About and Does It Really Work?

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Hangover cure drinks and products from Korea have sparked curiosity worldwide. If you are an avid fan of Korean culture and Korean dramas, you must have been familiar with the term “Korean hangover drinks” or “Korean hangover cure” that South Korean locals commonly consume after liquor events. Yet, what are exactly these Korean hangover drinks, and do they really cure your hangover? Let’s explore the world of Korean hangover drinks and uncover the reality behind their claims.

The Rising Popularity of Korean Hangover “Cure” Drinks

In South Korea, social drinking is a norm. From soju and beer to fine wine, they are integral to their culture. Amidst this, Korean hangover “cure” drinks have emerged as a popular remedy. But how effective are they?

Fans of Korean dramas and Korean culture often find these hangover “cure” drinks and products advertised in various programs. The advertisements include claims that they can give you instant relief from hangover symptoms, including headache and nausea.

Do They REALLY Work?

Yet, do these Korean hangover “cure” drinks really work?

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the efficiency of these Korean hangover “cure” drinks. According to some research, no scientific evidence is available that the contents of these Korean hangover drinks are actually reliable as a cure.

After all, apparently, these products actually contain some herbal folk remedies. And that includes oriental raisins, also known as Hovenia dulcis extracts, which are famous for their liver-protecting properties, and a mix of electrolytes to combat dehydration.

At the same time, Dr. Cho Young Gyu of Inje University Seoul Paik Hospital once pointed out the lack of clinical trials verifying their efficacy. He also emphasizes the need for rigorous analysis, noting that folk remedies’ commercialization doesn’t equate to proven effectiveness.

Moreover, Cho’s own research on Hovenia dulcis extracts hasn’t conclusively supported these drinks’ reputations.

“These products in the market come from ingredients that people have used in old home remedies. Nevertheless, sellers are offering them without really checking if they work.

So, it’s tough to know for sure if they’re effective.”

Dr. Cho Young Gyu.

In contrast, he highlights the growing scientific support for coffee as a hangover remedy. Coffee’s benefits extend beyond hangover relief to improved liver function and potential liver cancer prevention.

Another research also came from urology doctor Paick Sung-Hyun of Konkuk University Medical Center. The doctor also referred to a KBS TV report showing insignificant differences in acetaldehyde levels (related to hangover symptoms) between water and hangover drinks.

Therefore, he advises moderate drinking, accompanied by sufficient water intake and snacks, as more effective strategies.

Korean Hangover “Cure” Drinks Remain in High Demands: Try These 5 Most Popular Brands

Despite all the scientific evidence that rebutted against its efficiency, Korean hangover “cure” drinks remain in high demand in South Korea. Also, with the growing popularity of Korean dramas and culture, global audiences have started to become curious about them.

Hence, if you want to try out whether these Korean hangover “cure” drinks really work, you can try these 5 most popular brands.

1. Condition by HK Inno.N

Firstly, we have CONDITION by HK Inno. This is the market leader in Korea’s hangover drink segment. Known for its use of 100% Korean-grown oriental raisins and patented anti-hangover ingredients, Condition is popular for its effectiveness in easing hangover symptoms.

Moreover, this brand has become one of the most skyrocketing Korean hangover “cure” drinks due to its CF ads. The company has featured many Korean celebrities in the advertisements, including Park Seo Joon, Lee Do Hyun, and Go Min Si.

2. Dawn 808 Hangover Cure

Secondly among the most popular Korean hangover cure products is the Dawn 808 Hangover Cure.

Apparently, this product is famous for its sorigins tale. Its founder, Nam Jong Hyun, reportedly endured 807 failures before perfecting this formula. This product also features a blend of traditional ingredients that are believed to aid in alcohol breakdown and liver health.

You can purchase this product via e-Bay.

3. Hutgae Condition by CJ

CJ is one of the largest multi-corporations in South Korea. One of its subsidiaries, CJ Healthcare, also features a famous Korean hangover “cure”, the Hutgae Condition.

Additionally, Hutgae Condition relies on the much-valued oriental raisin tree fruit. It’s known for its unique taste and is often consumed to mitigate the after-effects of alcohol consumption

And the good news is that this product is now available to purchase on Amazon.

4. Morning Care

Next, among the most popular Korean hangover drinks is Morning Care by Dong-A Pharmaceutical. This product is popular among those who prefer a drink that not only tackles hangover symptoms but also provides a nutritional boost.

Morning Care contains a mix of electrolytes, vitamins, and herbal extracts as well.

5. Sangkwaehwan / EASY TOMORROW

Finally, Korean hangover “cure” doesn’t always mean bottled drinks. Korean brand Sangkwaehwan or EASY TOMORROW, offers Korean hangover “cure” products in traditional pills and jelly forms. It contains various herbal ingredients, including yeast extract, Hovenia dulcis, Atractylodes Lancea root, Crataegus Pinnatifida, Pueraria Lobate Ohwi, and vitamin C.

Therefore, get this product effortlessly from Amazon. Then, try consuming this product 30 minutes before, during, and after your drinking party for best results.

So, which “cure” seems convincing enough for you? Each of these products combined traditional Korean herbal wisdom with modern production techniques.

While their efficacy in completely curing hangovers is still a subject of scientific debate, they continue to be a staple in South Korean culture, especially among those seeking relief after a night of liquor events.

At last, with their growing popularity, why don’t you try these Korean hangover drinks yourself? See whether these products are really as reliable as they claim,s and let us know what you think about them.

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