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Trendmaker’s Innovative K-beauty Brand Dinto

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Dinto is a K-beauty brand venture of the Korean startup Trendmaker into the world of beauty and skincare by encouraging tourism led by K-beauty.

K-beauty brands are popular worldwide due to their vast and effective marketing industry. Moreover, the influence and the actual results K-beauty brands provide strongly improve their value. The interest and superior quality of Korean beauty products have sparked the interest of Trendmaker. This company wants to have the influence of K-beauty in its tourism platform. Their goal is to encourage as many people as possible into tourism led by K-beauty products. By this, you might get an idea of what type of customers this company is trying to attract. 

What is Trendmaker and the K-Beauty Brand Dinto?

Koreans care about their looks, and appearance is always their top priority. As a result, Trendmaker wants these types of people to go for this tourism platform when they want to travel. Trendmaker wants to combine k-beauty with tourism and create an amazing community. Their approach to promoting traveling is unique, and experts from this company are certain about it. 

The company is partnering with Dinto as its K-beauty brand of choice. Dinto is more than just a beauty product; it goes beyond that. It encourages women to find their own philosophical identity and glorify the depth of their noble acts. On top of that, the company is non-GMO, and all the products are vegan. Dinto wants all of its products to be safe to use and comes from following all ethics of beauty. The signature color of Dinto is black, as the company believes that it gives depth to all colors. 

Trendmaker was launched in February, and the company signed an exclusive contract with Japan after that. The contract is about Trendmaker entering the world of Olive Young. It is a large domestic drugstore that includes tons of K-beauty products. Now Trendmaker will also be available in Olive Young. Besides the products, Olive Young also organizes events and has membership services. On top of that, they also service Kpop merches. The main goal of Trendmaker is to expand its K-beauty tourism market. They will do this by recommending its K-beauty flagship store in tourist attraction places. 

Their product Dinto is their choice of K-beauty brand, which has an immense amount of women followers. It is a vegan brand from Korean culture, and all its products are inspired by Korean colors and ingredients. The main formulation of Dinto’s products comes from Yam in Angdong and white mushrooms in Jinju. They are Korea’s vegetable mucin and vegetable collagen, respectively. These are also its main ingredients. The primary collection of Dinto is inspired by the Korean artist Uncho Kim Bim Yung.

The platform provides its users with a travel diary when they sign up for it. The travel diary includes 69 Korean tourist spots all around the country. Moreover, these tourists attraction have over 23 Korean artists who present them. These artists are literature artists and present these places for their various products.

Final thoughts

Dinto is already a well-known company in South Korea, both in the online and offline markets. Trendmaker bringing Dinto into the offline market, such as Olive Young, will improve brand exposure. Especially the introduction of the company in Isetan in Japan will be highly effective when it comes to the popularity of k-beauty brands. Above all, these K-beauty products help Trendmaker take the right step in giving a global stage for K-beauty products. In the future, Trendmaker will expand its market and open more avenues overseas for Dinto. 

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