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Gender-Neutral K-Beauty Brand Mauve Fantastic Ever Breaking Away from Industry Norms

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While skincare and makeup are associated with women: it is a fact that men also use products that enhance their skin. Men have coarser skin than women, and it needs help to stay youthful. The skincare industry world over focuses on women as brand ambassadors and women in their promotional material, but one company wants to do it differently. Mauve Fantastic Ever is a South Korean brand adamant about breaking industry stereotypes with its gender-neutral skincare line. Their approach to skincare is like breaking the glass ceiling in the Korean beauty market, where most brands have products specific to either men or women.

About Mauve Fantastic Ever

A fresh and young brand, Mauve Fantastic Ever, knows how to get your heart pumping. Catchy phrases like “Youth is yours,” “Cool kids never sleep,” and “We are the youth” are the first things to meet your eyes upon going to their website. This brand is vibrant, charismatic, and has a universal approach. Their webpage shows men and women applying the same product and talking about it. Their unique selling point is that they are different from other K-beauty brands.

How Is It Different?

Mauve Fantastic Ever makes itself standout amongst the crowd in the K-beauty industry. Their products come in bright pink and mauve containers that differ from other brands. Mauve is a gender natural color that lies between pink and blue on the shade card. They boldly use this color to proclaim that all their products are for men and women. This brand clarifies their target market is the youth with bright colors along with shiny packaging.

Another differentiating quality of this brand is the words they used to name their products. Names like Lazy Toner, Sun Attitude, Youth Producer, and Flex That Set, are trending and the young generation associates with such words frequently. While this company has a website of its own, they sell via other online platforms like Amazon and Gmarket Global. 

Popular From Mauve Fantastic Ever

With a wide range of products, this company knows the pulse of its buyers. They make products using Korean beauty secrets that will make your skin bright and youthful. All their products undergo tests for eight months before the launch. 

Hydro Mafia Booster

The Hydro Mafia Booster is a spray that has three times the moisture boost provided by any other product. This product is specifically put together for people who are on the move, like outdoor sports and enjoy late-night parties. The key ingredient in this spray is cellulose fiber. With in-depth technology, the research team at Mauve Fantasticate Ever concludes that cellulose is much more effective than collagen and hyaluronic acid in providing hydration. 

Other ingredients in this spray are green tea extracts and polyglutamic acid. These ingredients maintain the PH level of the skin and reduce inflammation. The product plumps and cools the skin instantly and leaves it feeling light and firm. With regular use of this product, you will get rid of any skin irritation or redness. The spray is non-allergenic and does not cause rashes. 

Cool Kids Never Sleep Cream

The cream itself is purple and glides smoothly on the skin. They claim it will give you a radiant face even without taking your beauty nap. It houses anti-oxidants from dragon fruit and beetroot extracts. Squalene and aloe extract in this product hydrate the skin and make it look party-ready. This cream suffices to treat all your dry and dull skin problems. It has a soft texture and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. The Cool Kids cream has zero irritants and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation as well. 

Flash Architect

This product is a spot and color corrector in one. It has the properties of a BB cream, but the tint is light. A creamy dewy finish is what you get with this cream. Like all others, this too is gender-neutral and highly effective. They make it with niacinamide that reduces discoloration of the skin. Burdock roots tighten pores along with acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. The Perilla seeds in this cream exfoliate the skin, create collagen, and improve discoloration. They make it with cellulose fiber, which acts as a natural moisture-retaining agent that keeps skin soft and baby-like. Your skin will drink this cream up in an instant. It gives a light coverup and is white.

Youth Producer Serum

This serum is a signature product from Mauve Fantastic Ever. It helps rejuvenate tired and dehydrated skin. The Youth Producer is gentle on the face. It has exotic ingredients like sugar-kelp, which are full of anti-oxidants and provides a soothing effect to the skin. Hemp seeds in this serum are anti-inflammatory and reduce redness. Both these ingredients give a youthful feel to the face. Another ingredient it has is orchids which reduce age lines and make the texture of the skin appealing. This serum is not entirely water-based but does not give a sticky feel. 

Lazy Fig Toner

The Lazy Fig is a perfect toner for sensitive skin people. This product does not sting and is light on the face. They make it with a fig that soothes the skin and deep-sea water that heals and hydrates it. Fig also removes impurities by acting as a gentle scrub. Deep-sea water comes from Ulleungdo, which is rich in minerals. Sea minerals treat many skin conditions and soothe irritated skin. These minerals promote collagen development that makes the skin firm and younger-looking. 

To Wrap It Up!

Mauve Fantastic Ever is a peppy brand that combines natural ingredients to bring forward their goddess. Suitable for all skin types and all genders, this line is fast gaining popularity the world over. Grab your collection today and feel youthful with these products.

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