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The Crème Shop x BT21 Collaboration – A Celebration of K-Beauty

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The Crème Shop will never neglect to surprise its consumers. With strong foundation pillars dating back to 1988, they know how to touch their customers’ hearts. Be it cruelty-free products or handpicked ingredients, and this beauty giant knows how to deliver. They have worked with multiple collaborations and churned out outstanding products that make their fans swoon.

One such mind-blowing collaboration has taken shape with BT21, and the result will leave you weak in the knees. BT21 is popular for its adorable collection of 7 individual characters. Unless you are new to K-beauty, you would have their names on your fingertips. The brainchild of South Korea’s biggest K-pop group BTS, KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN, is nowhere to bring out their new skincare line, which would not burn a hole in the pocket.

This new collaboration sees the launch of 47 products ranging across accessories, skincare, makeup, and personal protective equipment. BT21’s super cute characters promise to give you variety ranging from CHIMMY’s Yuzu scented hand sanitizer with moisturizing properties to KOYA’s Acai Berry Lip Balm. TATA’s Hemp mask and cuddle-worthy headbands are only the tips of the iceberg.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some of their upcoming product details of which are available on their Crème Shops’ official website.

COOKY’s 3D Teddy Headyband

You know you need this product without even mentioning more details. A headband to skincare or makeup routine is like butter to bread. They are incomplete without each other. COOKY’s adorable headband does its job well. With causing much hair damage, this cute accessory is a must-buy. You can pick a headband of your favorite BT21 character as they all have individual ones.  

the crème shop bt21 headbands

CHIMMY’S Charming Mask

K-beauty loyalists know the importance of sheet masks. They not only hydrate but also heal and clarify the skin. This new sheet mask from The Crème Shop x BT21 collection is here to help bid goodbye to lifeless skin and say hello to a radiant you. Turmeric, in this product, repairs skin, and Vitamin C helps to brighten it. Niacinamide brings the plum back in the skin after a trying day. It is feathery light on the skin and has a cleansing effect. 

sheet masks

SHOOKY’s Caffeine Under Eye Patches

Puffy eyes no more! SHOOKY’s hydrating under-eye patches save the day yet again. Caffeine and Niacinamide in this product restore health to the underskin. Now that early morning meeting will not see you tired and dull. A short cab ride is all you need to slap on this cute pair and be looking fresh every morning.

under eye patches

TATA’s Fruit-Infused Towelettes

TATA brings forward the power of retinol and watermelon with its multifunctional towelettes. Your dry skin woes can now say goodbye as watermelon hydrates and add suppleness upon use. The miracle compound retinol evens out the skin. This one is for the everlasting, young, and vibrant feel you desire, any time of the day. To cater to the choices of its fans, which have seven variants, one for each of them.

bt21 towelettes

RJ’s Mango Lip Cure

The new collaboration offers seven lips balms for getting those enviously soft lips, with every character having one to their name and blessed with natural ingredients. RJ’s Mango Lip Balm comes in a cute container. It is Paraben and Sulphate free, like all the products in this range. You know you need this in your handbag when one small box gives you the goodness of Vitamin E, together with Shea butter.

the crème shop bt21

Say Bye to Blackheads

No one likes that thorny feeling on the nose when you run your finger over it or the unevenness under perfectly applied makeup because of a blackhead. They are hideous and harmful if left unattended. The Crème Shop x BT21 Collaboration has put together a set of 8 or 16 strips that not only remove blackheads but also leave the skin refreshes, all in 15 minutes.

the crème shop bt21 black heads removal strips

Peppermint Blast From MANG Sanitizing Spray

Boosting to be 99.9% effective against infectious germs, this peppermint hand Sanitizer from The Crème Shop x BT21 Collab comes with the goodness of Aloe Vera. It is 70% Ethanol, and the small bottle size makes it a good travel buddy. A mandatory item in today’s time, this collaboration offers seven hand amazing smelling hand sanitizers with moisturizing properties of various herbs.

the crème shop bt21 sanitizer spray

For That Flawless Look

United we stand could be the motto for their makeup line. Putting tougher than the goodness of all its plush characters, they have come up with the ultimate setting powder and spray. Lasting up to 12 hours, this combination gives a smooth and flawless finish to the perfect makeup under it. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and mild n the skin.

The list goes on. With heart and soul put into this collaboration, The Crème Shop and BT21 surely do not disappoint. With all their products being nature friendly and safe from harmful chemicals, this new line is mandatory to have. You may want one, you may want them all, but you will not want to miss it. Get planning on the new skin routine, and glam looks around them, and there shall be no regrets.

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