Kakao Friends – Bringing Positivity, Color, and Fun to Each Corner of Your Everyday Life

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For those who haven’t heard about Kakao Friends, they are the characters in the Korean messaging app KakaoTalk. The character pictures are sent as emoticons or emojis. These characters have become popular not only in Korea but all over the world. You can find multiple stores in Korea selling Kakao Friends merchandise, cafes based on Kakao Friends themes, and even a Kakao Friends concept art museum.

kakao friends

There are different characters in the group, each with their own back story and a specific personality. These characters were released in November 2012 by the KakaoTalk app. Kwon Soon-ho (Hozo) is the creator of these super cute characters.

Who are the Friends?

All the Friends have their unique characteristics and backstories. The stories are separate so that the characters remain more relatable universally. The only common aspect about them is that they are all insecure about something, be it their looks or background. Because of this, these characters resonate strongly with the masses.

The Friends include eight characters who’ve worked their way into our hearts! Here is some basic info about the intriguing bunch. These characters can spice up your simple texts!

Ryan (라이언) – a lion without mane or tail and looks like a bear

Muzi (무지) – looks like a rabbit and is curious and playful

Con (콘) – looks like a tiny crocodile who raised Muzi

Apeach (어피치) – a pink peach with a playful and flirty personality

Frodo (프로도) – a big city dog with mixed breeding heritage

Neo (네오) – a cat character who’s all about style and looks

Jay-G (제이지) – big fan of rap artist Jay-Z and a mole in disguise

Tube (튜브) – a duck who transforms into a green monster when he’s angry

Kakao Friends Merchandise

You can find Kako Friends characters on anything and everything. You will find them on yogurt drinks, phone cases, all kinds of accessories, bags, stationery, and even credit cards.

You can get your hands on these cute character’s merchandise for yourselves or your friends and family from the official online Store. You can get your favorite gear and souvenir inspired by your little friends from here.

Kakao Friends Travel Accessories
Kakao Friends Apeach Toaster
Kakao Friends Mobile Accessories

Kakao Friends Collaborations

Because of its immense popularity, many different brands collaborate with them for limited edition collections. You can check out some of the latest and popular collaborations from Instagram posts.

Kakao Friends x Moët & Chandon
Kakao Friends x Instant Ramen
Kakao Friends x nordgreen Copenhagen

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