Apink Sets the Tone for Summer Fashion with their 10th Anniversary Single “Thank You”

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K-Pop has seen many a girl group come and go, but few have had quite the impact or endurance of the iconic sextet Apink. The group members Chorong, Eunji, Bomi, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung, have been together for a decade, outlasting many of their contemporaries and paving their path to international stardom with their trademark innocence and charm. Not only is their music unique and much loved, but the fashion outfits they wear in their MVs are also something that we all love! And this includes their latest single, ‘Thank You.’

apink thank you fashion

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the group released the digital single “Thank You,” an upbeat tribute to their fans, the Pink Pandas. The music video had many callbacks to Apink’s previous musical releases and really captured the group’s progression over the years.

Thank You for “Thank You”

“Thank You” was released on April 19th, 2021- exactlyten0 years after the group made their debut with the “Seven Springs of Apink” EP. Original member Hong Yoo-Kyuung left the group soon after the group’s debut to focus on her education. While many fans speculated the group would simply replace her, they defied expectations by choosing to move forward with six members. 

“Thank You” pays homage to everything Apink. The group members’ introduction in the video follows the same order in which they were first revealed to be a part of Apink. Group leader Chorong wrote the song, as is tradition, with Bomi lending a hand. Throughout the video, we see them reminiscing over their career, going through photo books and albums, recreating fan meets, all through a retro filter that amps up the nostalgia. 

The group’s signature gesture, the butterfly hands, popularized by their debut song, I Don’t Know, take flight, on numerous occasions in the video. The band members show their appreciation for the Pandas in spades, with heartwarming lyrics like, “We were together with such beautiful memories, that alone is a gift.” The video ends with the members’ personal, handwritten messages to the Pandas and marks the conclusion of a truly touching musical experience.

One thing that is distinct from Apink’s origins in this celebration, however, are the group members’ attires and their fashionable styles that we all envy!

From Innocence to Maturity: A Story Told Through Fashion

Apink is iconic for many reasons, but one of the main factors is the pure, innocent, girl-next-door charm of their music. They tackle sensitive themes of love and friendship with their creative output, much like bubblegum pop artists. Their early work brought this theme to focus through their outfits. 

Throughout much of their career, Apink members dressed in similar clothes, almost akin to wearing uniforms. This displayed the group members’ closeness and unity. However, as years have passed, Apink and its members have matured. They have started tackling more mature themes in their music of late, as evidenced by their single “I’m So Sick.” 

While the song broadly discusses the themes, Apink has always touched on in their music, and the tone is decided more synth-driven. The music video hammers this point home by showing the sextet decked out in gorgeous outfits that symbolize the shift from their cute, girlish, innocent image to a bolder, more independent Apink that flourishes not despite their differences but because of them.

 Each group member puts their individuality on full display, and this fact is celebrated in “Thank You” through the clever use of two sets of ensembles that reflect Apink’s journey from teenage pop idols to full-blown pop icons- everything they wore in this MV can seriously spice up your summer wardrobe, so we recommend that you read on with careful attention!

“Thank You” Sets the Tone for Summer Fashion

The members don two sets of outfits in the music video that visually represent their transformation. While set 1 uses dresses and cardigans to reflect the earlier years of Apink, set 2 showcases their bolder personalities, both sets interweaving pieces from popular designer brands with local, Korean brands to create a unique aesthetic that only Apink can pull off.

Each set associates every member of Apink with a different color, playing with bright colors and pastels, and both sets spell out the chic in all caps.

Apink Thank You Fashion Outfit Set 1
Apink Thank You Fashion Outfit Set 2

Chorong’s Dreamy Set 1

Chorong wears a Dreamy Cami Dress from the South Korean clothing line DAZE DAYZ. She pairs this with a delicate yet beautiful pair of Antique Drop Silver Earrings from Geiger Korea. The first set stays true to her Apink roots.

Chorong Colourful Set 2

Her second set is decidedly more “contemporary,” with color blocks and patterns taking over and making her entire look pop. She pairs a bright orange checked jersey turtleneck top from Scandinavian brand ACNE with a textured, sea green mini skirt from ZARA and a pink metal clip from PRADA. 

Bomi’s Simple Set 1

For her first set, Bomi wears a simple, red flower print mini dress with a detachable lace collar made by Los Angeles Project, a western fashion venture born in South Korea. She compliments it with a pair of snow-white sneakers, completing her summer outfit with a tinge of comfortable flair.

Bomi’s Chic Set 2

Bomi’s second set switches out the dress for a heart-neckline Love Poem blouse from the South Korean chic-house Letter From Moon. She pairs this lemon-tinted top with pale pink, midrise pair of straight pants from ZARA. All she’s missing is a stitched hat and a pina colada; her outfit is already screaming “SUMMER”!

Namjoo’s Playful Set 1

Namjoo puts on a stunning, full-sleeved mini dress with bold pink and orange stripes and a pair of cream boots that showcase her cheerful & playful persona flawlessly.

Namjoo’s Business-chic Set 2

The second set took Namjoo out of her full-sleeve dress and put her in a bold pink blazer and linen-blend shorts from ZARA while retaining the stripe aesthetic with this cute, purple pin-stripe cropped knit top from the K-brand Luv Is True.

Naeun’s Subtle Set 1

Naeun’s pure soul radiates in her pearl white dress and is accentuated by the purple-cropped button-up cardigan from GCDS. She pairs her clothes with a Le Rayon Heart Necklace and a pair of L’Antique Rectangle Earrings from South Korean jewelry brand Karot; both pieces, while subtle, play beautifully with Naeun’s look. 

Naeun’s Bold Set 2

The hip side of Naeun is on full display with her second that set comprises a white tee with a smiley-face print courtesy of GANNI. She completes her look with bright yellow straight pants, a yellow cardigan, and several bead necklaces that give her a cool, relaxed look brimming with happy vibes.

Eunji’s Effortless Set 1

When it comes to nailing an aesthetic, more often than not, less is more. Eunji embodies that phrase with her cute, purple, short-sleeve Polo dress from Versace, pulling it off with effortless grace. When styled with the chain unbalance earrings from Korean jewelry brand Erghe, it creates a summer look that is both a throwback and a step forward.

Eunji’s Breezy Set 2

Her second set makes her look like a summer breeze come alive, styling a sea green textured weave dress with a white cardigan, a pearl necklace, and knee-high boots from Dr. Martens. All these pieces come together seamlessly, and her bright smile cinches the look.

Hayoung’s Soothing Set 1

Soothing blues dominate Hayoung’s first set, with a blue Carol polka wrap dress from DAZE DAYZ draping her in the hue’s serenity. She styles this dress with a matching blue cardigan that only serves to highlight the attire.

Hayoung’s Gorgeous Set 2

This final set rounds out the entire MV’s aesthetic. Hayoung selects a drop-dead gorgeous mint round neck jacket from the local Korean brand VEM.VER to go over her checked mini skirt with a white, full-sleeved shirt underneath. The result? A summer outfit to end all summer outfits.

Apink Setting the Bar for Summer Fashion and Your Summer Playlist

With the release of “Thank You,” Pink Pandas are cautiously praying for a comeback from Apink sooner rather than later. 2020’s Look was the group’s last project, and Pandas are hopeful for more music soon, as it looks like Naeun is staying with the group. But until then, we can enjoy the heartstring-tugging melody of “Thank You” while trying on dresses inspired by the MV all summer long.

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