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Now Get BLACKPINK Jennie’s Favorite Korean Makeup Brand ‘HERA’ From Amazon

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Fans of BLACKPINK’s Jennie will rejoice as they can shop all the luxurious and premium lipsticks and lip glosses by HERA directly from Amazon!

As a fan of Jennie from BLACKPINK, you must be aware of the Korean beauty brand HERA. The K-pop star has been promoting the luxury beauty brand since 2019. You can see Jennie wearing her favorite products from HERA on Instagram and on stage.

Now, you won’t have to spend loads of money to get your favorite K-pop artists fave K-beauty products as HERA is now available on Amazon! No need to travel around the world to the streets of Myeongdong, Seoul, to get hands on your favorite K-beauty brand! Amazon now has quite an extensive K-beauty collection that you can choose from!

Well, if you haven’t heard of HERA then you can read on ahead to find out more about the brand and its launch on Amazon.

HERA – K-Beauty Brand

K-pop fans, especially Blinks (BLACKPINK devotees according to fandom), know that their favorite Jennie is the beauty brand’s ambassador. But even without sharing the spotlight with Jennie, HERA has a rich history of innovation.

The K-makeup brand was launched in 1995 with a tag line of ‘a woman with allure’! Over the next few decades, HERA has focused on research and development of makeup, fragrances, and skin care collections – making a name for itself in the market.

And now, with the stateside launch in Amazon, the brand will certainly start making waves in the West as well!

HERA’s Launch on Amazon

In the initial launch, there are four featured lip products from the brand. There is Rouge Holic (available in 20 shades), Sensual Powder Matte (six shades), Sensual Spicy Volume Matte (four shades), and Sensual Spicy Nude Volume Matte (eight shades).

HERA Rouge Holic

Rouge Holic in Soul Pink is certainly Jennie’s favorite amongst the whole range of 20 shades. It is a recent addition to the brand, so it is certainly new in the collection. This lovely nude-pink shade can complement any makeup vibe. But, if you are looking for a bolder look, there are also reds, fuchsias, corals, and more.

hera rogue Holic blackpink Jennie

What makes this lipstick special is the addition of moisturizing ingredient, sodium hyaluronate. It keeps your lips moisturized and smooth for up to eight hours!

hera rogue holic

Sensual Powder Matte

It is a featherlight formulation that leaves behind a soft matte finish for all-day wear. HERA Sensual Powder is infused with shea butter that minimizes dryness and flakiness. Jennie’s favorite shades of this long-lasting tint include Seoul Days, Pampas, Rosy Suede, and Closure.

Sensual Powder Matte

Sensual Spicy Nude Volume Matte (Long Lasting Matte Lipstick)

Did you know that a matte finish lipstick can also be hydrating? The Sensual Spicy Nude Volume Matte from HERA can keep your lips soft without any hint of gloss or sheen. You can vary the color intensity by layering, and it won’t feel heavy on the lips.

HERA Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss

A moisturizing formulation with sodium hyaluronate that will keep your lips pillowy-soft throughout the day! Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss will make the lips look full yet natural. There’s barely any color, and it complements all makeup looks with its high-gloss shine. There are only four distinct shades – Curious Boy, Lingerie, Red Rye, and Speechless – that are perfect for different moods!

Sensual Spicy Nude Volume Matte 1

Of all the amazing shades from HERA, there’s definitely going to be something that you’ll fall in love with!

As an initial launch offer, HERA is offering a 10% discount with the code HELLOHERA between March 29 and April 11. You can keep watching for the launch of more exciting products from Hera on Amazon!

So, flaunt your favorite HERA product on Zoom just like Jennie from BLACKPINK shows off her favorites on her Insta!

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