Coding Robot NeoSpider – A Toy For Kids and Grownups Alike!

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NeoSpider – a robot for coding education from Korea that makes learning to code fun and interactive! With a spider bot body and different modules, it will keep you entertained while learning.

There is no doubt that technology is the best gift for this world that results from the human brain. In today’s fast-paced life, one needs to adapt to the in-demand jobs and work towards learning skills required for them. With everything going online, coding is an integral part of any website or page creation. If you are unfamiliar with coding, then there is very little you can do on the online platform. South Korea is very upbeat with technology, and one company here makes the NeoSpider that helps learn to code. This small toy-like device from Neo3DSolutions gives the freedom to learn to code while making it fun. 

neospider coding robot

What Is the Neospider?

Neo3DSolution makes the product called NeoSpider. Learning to code has multiple benefits and gives more job opportunities. Purchasing the NeoSpider provides access to an education platform at Neo3DSolution. You get access to eight online modules like the sound module, temperature sensor module, light sensor module, motion sensor, output module, gas sensor, input module, and vibration sensor via this method. You need a computer with the internet to log on. It looks like a spider and has eight legs for movement. This design is an upgrade from its previous model, which had wheels instead of legs. 

The NeoSpider has an infra-red sensor and can gauge objects blocking its path. The head of this machine can rotate and has an ultrasonic sensor as well. You can even put together a set of codes to play an air piano that comes with the NeoSpider. The NeoSpider can control its speed by regulating the motion of its legs. It can even modulate the light brightness through its infra-red sensor. There is also an application for the NeoSpider, which is compatible with the android software. The device works on a Lithium-ion battery and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 BLE. It weighs 650 grams and is fun for children and adults alike.  

All About NeoSpider – The Coding Robot

The NeoSpider has many benefits and makes for a fun companion when learning something as serious as coding. The App on the android device allows you to connect to the machine via your phone. You can also use the piano on your phone once the application gets downloaded. When you purchase the NeoSpider, you get coding courses along with it. Twelve base-level and four advanced-level modules come complimentary with the device, and one can download them from the company website. 

Some other benefits of the coding robot NeoSpider include it working as a fire alarm. If you code it correctly and coordinate its gas sensor with the temperature and sound modules, you get a fail-proof fire alarm. Similarly, by putting together its multiple functions, you could get an earthquake alarm, a theft alarm, and a piano.

In the End!

The NeoSpider is a device that is useful for children and adults. It makes learning fun and interactive. You can see immediate results of your work through the NeoSpider boosts confidence. Also, with this latest technology, and free modules, you can master coding in no time. Get your product at the earliest and explore the world of coding with fun. 

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