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K-Beauty Products for Dark Skin

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K-beauty products are great for people with dark skin even though they aren’t always marketed that way! Read on ahead to find out some of the K-beauty gems that are perfect for dark skin tones.

Beauty has no definition and no color, and it all depends on how you perceive the world around you. Experts from the Korean beauty industry bring forward products that cater to all skin shades and types. The dark shade in the skin comes from melanin that skin produces naturally, and it protects from the harmful rays of the sun. It seems easier to care for dark skin, but skin rich in melanin has issues like blemishes, scars, and uneven tone. Breaking stereotypes about K-Beauty being only for fair-skinned people, brands have come up with products suitable for dark-skinned individuals. There is no need to feel excluded if you fall into this category. K-Beauty brands have skincare and makeup products for you.
Here are some of the K-beauty products you can add to your skincare and makeup routines even if you have a darker skin tone.

COSRX Triple C Lightning Liquid

Serum from the house of Corsx comes with the power of Vitamin C that deeply clarifies the skin. It deals with hyperpigmentation and aids scar removal. Ascorbic acid, a stable form of Vitamin C, is also one of its ingredients. It effectively works on reducing dark spots. This serum comes with SPF and gives protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It does not destroy the melanin or whiten the skin but brings about a glow that makes skin radiant.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Excellent for the double cleanse, this product gives squeaky clean skin with no dryness. A hidden quality is it doubling as a mild scrub, removing dead cells and lighting scars. With a low pH, it is acidic and works on the oil build-up. BHA in it purges the skin. Tea tree extract works like a charm to soothe skin irritation and redness. You get a light blemish-free face at the end.

Banilla Co. Clean It Zero

It is an effective makeup remover from Banilla Co’s lab. Clean It Zero melts away any traces of makeup from the skin. It is hypoallergenic and very mild. It feels like sherbet but transforms into an oily form of use. Specially curated with Zero balance therapy, the original version is suitable for all skin shades and types. It not only cleans but also hydrates the skin and makes your face supple. You will not have to worry about waterproof makeup as this miracle will sweep it clean. It has no alcohol or mineral oil, hence safe for blemish or acne-prone skin.

Etude House Play 101 Stick Countering Duo

Etude House is a constantly innovating brand. This time they have come up with a double-sided countering stick. On either side is a dark and a light shade. The darker side works best with individuals with similar skin color. It is smooth in texture and glides effortlessly on the face. With two colors in one, you do not have to play cat and mouse with a brush. You can either use one or mix both for a little fun.

Laneige BB Cushion Dark

Targeting the dark sink individuals, Laneige has come up with a BB cream with a relatable base. It has SPF 50++ and is hydrating in nature. With five-in-one technology and hyaluronic acid, this cream is soft and keeps the skin plump. Easy to use with a compact cushion, it is non-sticky and gives optimum coverage. You will not experience any build-up, and it heals the skin.

Etude House Play Color Eye Wine Party

Working with darker-skinned people is exciting. It is more about color options. Etude House’s Play Color palette is an outstanding product that stands tall on its promises. This one has ten shades suitable to bring forward your natural shine. It has microbeads that let the colors sit well on the eyelid and is long-lasting. Two applicators come with one package for easy use. The shimmer in its colors makes them best suited for nightwear. Perfect for all skin types, this palate is a must-have in your closet.

SKIN79 Super+ BeBlesh Balm Bronze BB Cream

The BB cream comes in a cute red bottle and is darker than most others. It is lightweight and leaves skin rejuvenated. It has marine collagen and floral water from the lavender plant. These have regenerative properties and deeply enrich the skin. It clears out dead skin controls oil-water balance. It is ideal for dark skin and will leave you feeling youthful. Natural ingredients make it less reactive and suitable for sensitive skin.

Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer

The mineral stick is a pen-like, slender stick that can ward off all your dark spots and blemishes. This Concealer comes from a shade called True Beige. Innisfree is outstanding in the world of K-Beauty, and its product is a class apart. They put it together using butter-based ingredients that melt upon touching skin. It is a one-stroke product, and you will not feel it caking on the skin. Most suited for people with darker skin. This product does not dry the skin and is suitable for oily skin people.

The Soon Soo Aromatherapy Sea Salt Body Scrub

It is a salt that gently exfoliates the skin. It has healing properties with its power-packed ingredients. Citrus Sea salt, fruit oil, peel of orange and lemon make is highly effective in brightening the skin. This product is mild and does not dehydrate or corrode the top later but cleans it. It has lavender as well that keeps skin smooth and heals any disruptions. Effective for all skin shades and types.

Final Thoughts

All skin types have the same number of layers and have similar issues. The K-beauty industry has realized the importance of this untapped market, and they are innovating to create new products. With herbal and naturally sourced ingredients, these K-beauty products are ideal for dark skin tones. The progressive vision of the industry comes to light with these inclusive beauty products. You just have to understand your skin requirements, and you can give your skin the love from K-beauty products for glowing skin.

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