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Dr. Gio – A K-Beauty Brand Dedicated to Dark Skin Tones Making Korean Skincare More Inclusive

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Dr. Gio, a black-owned K-beauty brand made specifically for dark skin tones and people of color making K-beauty cosmetics more inclusive.

The sense of touch is one of the five senses that humans have been endowed with. The presence of the skin, the largest organ of the body, completes this sense. Our skin allows us to perceive things in our surroundings and protect our vital internal components from external pollutants. It is highly reactive, and its health can point to other problems in the body. You’ve probably seen people with different skin tones. People all over the world have different skin colors because of the amount of melanin in their skin. Skin color does not matter; they all need care protection to stay that way.

The Beauty of Nature

When the melanin in the skin is more, it tilts the skin color more towards the brownish or dark shades. This is the body’s inbuilt mechanism to protect from the direct rays of the sun. You know people receive the maximum sunlight in countries lying on the equator, and it is here itself that people have dark skin the most. This is because melanin was created by nature to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. On the other hand, dark skin requires care and support to do its job and keep the individual healthy and glowing. The Korean skincare industry recognizes this and has created a skincare and beauty line dedicated to it.

Dr. Gio’s Love for Dark Skin

Contrary to popular belief, K- Beauty is not limited to Asian or fair-skinned people. They have a broader vision and want a larger audience to enjoy the benefits of their products. With the influencer market growing in popularity, many have identified and published the newfound love of K-Beauty for dark skin.

Dr. Gio's Love for Dark Skin

Dr. Gio is one such brand that focuses on different skin tones. Its CEO, Grace Okafor, who wanted to go the extra mile and explore uncharted waters in K-beauty relating to dark skin, found this brand. Her belief and fact are that people of all skin tones face similar problems. Whether it is excess oil production, uneven pigmentation, dry skin, hydration, or redness, these are familiar to people of all skin shades. 

Dr. Gio ULTRA 7 Brightening Foundation Cushion

Dr. Gio has created a line of cushions that cater to a wide range of skin colors. It is the first and the only product by the K-beauty brand. These are rich in K-beauty and plant-based ingredients, and they treat a variety of skin issues. The collection is called Ultra 7 Brightening Foundation Cushion, and it comes in six different shades. All have the same ingredients and benefits; the only difference is the color. As their CEO is also from Nigeria, various tribes from that country inspire all the shades. 

dr gio shades

Dr. Gio Shades

DG-01 Aisha: The lightest of the six. The Hausa Tribe, who is from the northern section of Nigeria, inspires this. An excellent product for those whose skin was always not quite the right shade for other Korean foundations.   

DG-02 Ijeoma: The second in the shade chart, this one is from the Equal Tribe, and Grace herself identifies with it. She uses it herself, and the results are stunning with a non-glossy yet clear finish.  

DG-03 Ella: This is more towards the dusky skin tone and is from the Equal Tribe as well. Ella is the name of Grace’s niece, and they dedicated this one to her. Like the others, it too has a creamy texture but does not cake up on the face. 

DG-04 Funmi: This one is farther ahead on the skin shade card and is inspired by the Yoruba Tribe. A little darker, this one is suitable for individuals who want a medium or full coverage and have never found the right foundation.

DG-05 Bisi: This one is for the darker-skinned individuals, also a takeaway from the Yoruba tribe. This tribe belongs to Western Nigeria. Vitamin C, similar to the rest, heals the skin and makes it glow. 

DG-06 Chioma: This is their darkest shade and also takes inspiration from the Equal tribe as the one Grace is from. It is hydrating properties keep the skin fresh and youthful.

The first three are classified as Medium Shades by Dr. Gio and the last three Deep Shades. These are from the top three tribes In Nigeria. 

Features And Benefits of The ULTRA 7

All these K-beauty products for dark skin have powerful features.

  • The angled cushion aids in the coverage of hard corners. 
  • Smooth and simple to apply. 
  • Long-lasting and skin-friendly. 
  • It blends well with other products and is suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Its ingredients are also one of a kind. They pack it with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, adenosine, tea tree, Centella Asiatica, and collagen. These together have a lot of benefits. Centella brings calmness to the skin, and collagen provides elasticity. With shea butter, the antioxidative nature of vitamin C helps clear blemishes and leaves skin fresh and plump.
  • The compact provides hydration and has SPF 50 PA++ to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

Using The Product

They also recommended it to turn the compact cushion to get the most out of the product. Grace also mentions that you can use a moisturizer before applying these compacts for a glowing look or a setting spray after for a matte look. With just the UTRA 7, one could also use multiple shades to achieve the contouring effect. To help you find the right product, the website includes a shade finder that guides you through the process by asking simple tone and skin color-related questions.

To Wrap It Up! 

Dehydration and uneven skin tone are now a thing of the past. People with darker skin may find it easier to live their lives now that this new product is available. All that is required is to purchase the appropriate foundation and enjoy a smooth, worry-free, and picture-perfect glow on your face for up to 48 hours. It is available online and can be purchased right away. Some sales occur from time to time, so keep an eye out and see if you can get your hands on over one shade and experiment with them.

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