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Which Korean Juicers are the Best to Buy for A Healthy Start?

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Juices are popular for weight loss and healthy eating. They’ve made a comeback in your everyday diet, which may make you feel trendy, but making them isn’t easy. High-quality juicers make desirable juices. This machine is a model of innovation. Say goodbye to squeezing fruits by hand; a well-designed machine can produce enough for the entire household in no time. When the blender’s blades spin, they heat the juice, causing it to lose its vital nutrients. Humans deduced from advanced technology and science that you must consume cold-pressed juices.

Korean juicers specialize in the art of making cold-pressed juices. They follow the gentle method of making juice, and the end product is nutritionally equivalent to the fruit. This process is known as masticating. They are made in compact designs and do not consume a lot of electricity. Korean juicers are unique, and their make meets the requirement for cold-pressing fruits and vegetables.

Here, we have listed the best Korean juicers that you must add to your kitchen!

Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

A best-seller in Korea, this juicer is affordable for the masses. It is a cold press juicer that is noise-free. Not a very heavy machine and works on a motor of 150 watts. It runs at 80 RPM and is powerful enough to make cold-pressed juice enriched with all vitamins. Not losing any heat-sensitive enzymes, you get wholesome juice. This machine is stable on the countertop and is easy to clean. Putting in chopped fruits is a sensible thing to do as it has a small opening. Overall, an excellent product that is worth the money.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer

Sharp crushers and a compact design define this juicer. The motors run at 150 watts and work on the STT. It is a patent by Hurom, which translates into Slow Squeezing Technology. It can even crush hard vegetables and seeds. Ideal for bachelors or people with small kitchens, this juicer weighs just 20 pounds. Its lightweight is ideal for gifting and taking along on trips. It has two color options between black and white. The price of a black device is higher than the white one. No BPA makes its body durable and sturdy. It is noise-free and ideal to use in the mornings. 

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S

It looks silver and weighing 16 pounds, this juicer is suitable for household use. It runs slower at 60 RPM and uses masticating technology to extract the best cold-pressed juice. Preventing oxidation increases the storage life of juices increases to 72 hours. It has a drip-free spout that is chrome plated and makes it easier to mix fresh juices. With a wide mouth, there is no need to worry about cutting your vegetables or fruits. The Elite C7000S has the most powerful motor at 240 watts, and it still works noise-free. It is versatile and makes sorbets and juices. The brand is well known, and its products are durable and easy to clean. 

Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer

A famous brand in Korea and worldwide, Tribest has a wide range of products to choose from; this one has twin gear that is Bio-ceramic and made of stainless steel. The speed is 110 RPM and magnetic, and bio-ceramic technology reduces the heating of blades. There is no nutrient loss, and it extracts maximum product from the fruit or vegetable. You can cut hard vegetables easily in this juicer as it incorporates strategically placed blades that slice the fibers in the vegetables. This product will become the star of your kitchen. It extracts butter from nuts with its homogenizing tool. And its reverse function does not allow to produce jam during the process.

Tribest GSE-5010
Tribest GSE-5010 (Image:

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar

A cheaper version from Tribest is smaller and lighter than its sibling. It is vertical in design, thus, takes less space. The blade is double-edged, and both use the auger style. No BPA makes the material tough and durable. The blades effectively crush vegetables and fruits. It makes butter as well and extracts maximum components from the seeds. With 47 RPM and a 200-watt motor, it is a silent juicer. It comes with a juice cap which avoids any mess. It is a good option in the affordable range. 

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar
Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar (Image:
To Wrap It Up!

You can have your share of vitamins and healthy enzymes every morning with cold-pressed juice from these Korean juicers. User-friendly designs and well-reached technology define these products, and they are here to make your life easier. Decide on which one you want and start your healthy diet today. 

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