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LOTTE ZERO Collab with NewJeans for New Exciting Commercial – Where to Buy?

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Imagine having two of the sweetest South Korean pride collaborating on the same screen just to gain your attention! Intriguing, isn’t it? That is what exactly what South Korean company LOTTE is aiming for with their recent product commercial for their sugar-free product line, ZERO. What’s more exciting is that this new LOTTE ZERO commercial also features NewJeans upcoming new release, “Right Now.” So, what kind of commercial did LOTTE release? And do you think this new commercial suit both the brand and the Kpop group? Join us in an exciting discussion below.

LOTTE ZERO Releases New Commercial Featuring NewJeans Upcoming Song “Right Now”

South Korean food company LOTTE is making a bold move by joining hands with Kpop 4th generation monster rookie, NewJeans. As a celebration of this new collaboration between two of South Korea’s sweetest icons, LOTTE Welfood also releases a new commercial featuring NewJeans upcoming song, “Right Now,” for their sugar-free product line, ZERO.

Lotte zero newjeans commercial collab right now

Last week, the official social media accounts of LOTTE Wellfood released new commercial videos featuring NewJeans. These videos promoted the company’s slogan, highlighting its value in upholding zero-sugar products, including chocolates, cakes, and candies.

In the new commercials, LOTTE Wellfood adopted NewJeans cute and bright image. These videos showed the members relaxing and taking a break at home and during practice while enjoying their low-calorie desserts.

While watching the adorable LOTTE ZERO new commercial, you will also glimpse NewJeans new song, “Right Now.”

A Bold Move Amid Controversy

Previously, LOTTE Wellfood had reportedly signed NewJeans as the official brand ambassador for ZERO product line. This is truly a bold move from the company, knowing that NewJeans is currently facing a massive controversy involving their label ADOR CEO Min Heejin and parent company HYBE. By joining hands with NewJeans for one of their most prominent product lines, LOTTE Wellfood is taking a huge risk in case the controversy falls apart and turns into a huge scandal.

However, by featuring NewJeans unreleased song, “Right Now,” in the new commercial, LOTTE Wellfood has successfully gained massive anticipation from the global Kpop community. As a result, the new products received positive responses. The public has been highly ancitipating on what kind of releases the company will make in the future with NewJeans.

At the end of the day, while the controversy between NewJeans label and the parent company is still ongoing, LOTTE Wellfood has picked the impeccable moment to gain popularity. That is especially when NewJeans is about to release their upcoming album next month.

But what do you think? Will this collaboration bring more profits for LOTTE Wellfood in the future? Or will this bring doom to the company instead? Please share your thoughts with us.

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