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Instant Korean Cuisine at Your Fingertips: 5 Best Instant Cup Noodles on Amazon!

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Have you just finished watching your favorite Korean drama and are suddenly craving the best Korean cup noodles? However, no store in your neighborhood offers this Korean cuisine, and a trip across town just for some Korean cup noodles might be too much of a hassle. It’s just not worth the cost, isn’t it? Rest assured. Today, we are going to assist you in discovering the best Korean cup noodles you can easily purchase on Amazon! Read on and let us know which ones stimulate your palate the most.

Instant Cup Noodles: The Genius Invention of Korean Cuisine

Fans of Korean culture and cuisine would definitely agree that Korean cup noodles (라면 ramyeon) is one of the most genius inventions in the food business.

They might be as convenient as ordinary cup noodles. However, the best part of Korean cup ramyeon is the savory and irreplaceable taste of Korean cuisine you can enjoy almost immediately by simply pouring hot water.

In the middle of your hectic schedule or amid sudden cravings for Korean cuisine at night, the best Korean cup noodles can satisfy your immediate urge to devour this tasty Korean delight anytime, anywhere you want.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the instant availability of the best Korean cup noodles. Some fans of this Korean cuisine may live far away from Korean grocery stores. And so, they simply don’t have the luxury to buy these delicious Korean cup noodles anytime they want.

Now, are you suffering a similar fate as these fans? If the answer’s yes, you have come to the right place, as we will fully assist you today with the best Korean cup noodles available on Amazon.

No more making that long trip across town. Sit back as we guide you through the 5 best Korean instant cup noodles selections you can easily purchase on Amazon.

5 Best Selections Available on Amazon

Samyang Chicken Stir Fried Korean Cup Ramen

korean cup noodles samyang

Firstly, we have instant cup ramen selections from prominent Korean food brand: Samyang.

As one of the most popular brands of Korean instant noodles, Samyang is extremely rich in spice and flavor. Not only that, but Samyang is also famous for its intense heat level. And best of everything, it is available in 3 different flavors: Original, Cheese, and Carbo.

Please note that all these flavors involve extreme levels of heat, especially if you are unaccustomed to spicy food.

For an instant release of endorphins and dopamine from its fiery flavor, Samyang is available on Amazon in a 6-cup package at 20.99 USD.

OTTOGI Jin Instant Cup Ramen

korean cup noodles ottogi jin

Second among the best Korean cup noodle selections is the OTTOGI Jin ramen.

This brand of Korean instant noodles has been skyrocketing recently after inviting BTS’s eldest member, Kim Seok Jin, as its official brand ambassador.

OTTOGI Jin instant cup ramen comes in two flavors: Spicy and Mild, letting you decide whether to embrace the Korean love for spicy food. These flavors are available in 2 portions: 110g and 65g in 6-cup packages.

6 cups of the 110 grams OTTOGI Jin ramen is available only at 23.4 USD, while the 65-gram portion is more affordable at 14.49 USD.

Nongshim Chapaguri Spicy Jjajang Cup Noodles

korean cup noodles nongshim jjajang

Next is no ordinary type of Korean instant cup noodle: Nongshim’s Chapaguri Spicy Jjajang Cup Noodle at your service!

Jjajangmyeon is a renowned Korean dish, a tasty noodle creation with a thick sauce made from Korean black bean paste (짜장 jjajang) and vegetables. You may have seen this Korean cuisine in almost all Korean dramas you’ve watched, but getting the best Korean jjajangmyeon requires another trip to your nearest Korean restaurant—or at least a grocery store.

Today, you can instantly get this tasty Korean cuisine with a click of your finger. Jjajangmyeon is now available as one of our best selections of Korean cup noodles with Nongshim’s Chapaguri Spicy Jjajang Cup Noodle.

Moreover, combining the flavor of jjajang and Neoguri’s spicy seafood flavor, Chapaguri is one of the best Korean cup noodles. And it is available only at 26.39 USD for every 6-cup package.

Yopokki Instant Rabokki Cup


Thirdly, we have Yopokki Instant Rabokki Cup. This brand is one of the best selections of instant cup noodles you must definitely try!

Rabokki is Korean comfort cuisine that combines the chewy sensation of tteokbokki and rich sensation of ramyeon. Today, this delightful cuisine is available in a cup-noodle package you can easily purchase via Amazon.

Enjoying Yopokki Instant Rabokki Cup is as simple as pouring hot water. However, the most recommended cooking method is to place them in the microwave for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Then, wait 30 seconds before you eat it, as it will enrich its texture and taste.

Yopokki Instant Rabokki Cup is available in a 2-cup package at 12.98 USD only.

Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup: Veggie & Kimchi Flavors

Last but not least is our best selection of Korean vegan cup noodles: Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup.

Korean instant vegan noodles are now available in cup ramen versions as well. Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup provides 2 different flavors of Korean vegan cup noodles: Veggie and Kimchi. All the ingredients of this noodle soup are entirely vegan, with savory broth served in microwave-safe cup.

6 cups of the Veggie flavor will cost you 8.16 USD, while the Kimchi flavor is slightly more expensive at 8.72 USD.

Finally, which of these instant cup noodles you like most? Please share your thoughts with us.

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