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GS25 Jumbo Ramyun: The Perfect Big Instant Ramen Noodles for Sharing or Mukbang!

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GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun series has transformed the market landscape in Korea’s instant ramen noodle industry. Join us on a flavorful journey into this innovative world to discover the culinary revolution of instant ramen noodles, led by GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong’s unwavering dedication to innovation.

Unleash Your Taste Buds in Big Instant Ramen Noodles: GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun Takes the Culinary World by Storm

GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun series, including the Jumbo Doshirak and Gongganchoon, is transforming the culinary landscape of Korea’s instant ramen noodle industry. These products have achieved sales of a remarkable 18.0 billion won ($13.5 million), solidifying their position as leaders in the ramyun and processed foods categories. This achievement elevates the product’s status and transforms consumer experiences with instant noodles.

Innovative Journey of GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing story behind GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun series and the trailblazing efforts of GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong.

Through in-depth research and innovation, GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong created the Jumbo Ramyun series. He explored 450 noodle varieties worldwide. Kim broke the norm of single-serving cup noodles by introducing a communal-oriented product. This approach aligns with the trend of “Mukbang,” where individuals consume large portions while streaming online.

GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong, the mastermind of big instant ramen, Jumbo Ramyun. | ChosunBiz: Choi Hyo Jung
GS Retail Merchandiser Kim Dae-jong, the mastermind of big instant ramen noodles, Jumbo Ramyun. | ChosunBiz: Choi Hyo Jung

Kim found inspiration in Mukbang creators taking the “Jumbo Ramyun” challenge. This led him to innovate convenience store products. Despite obstacles persuading manufacturers, Kim persisted. He collaborated successfully with Paldo, a renowned South Korean food brand.

Jumbo Ramyun Series: Industry Game Changer

The Jumbo Doshirak, a key product in the Jumbo Ramyun line, revolutionized the industry. It sold 50,000 units in three days. Demand stayed strong for over 200 days. GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun line became a market leader. It outsold established brands like Yukgaejang and Shin Ramyun Big Bowl, achieving top sales. This achievement was a historical milestone for the company.

Jumbo Ramyun: A Fusion of Taste and Innovation for Your Enjoyment

 The Jumbo Lunch Box (Doshirak) | MongMong (Naver Blog)
The Jumbo Lunch Box (Doshirak) | MongMong (Naver Blog)

The Jumbo Ramyun series captivates consumers with its irresistible taste, shared dining experiences, and the ability to serve 8 people. This showcases the impact of culinary innovation. It highlights the role of consumer interaction in the evolution of convenience food. These products offer unique dining experiences, pushing beyond conventional boundaries and reflecting the changing food culture landscape. They demonstrate limitless opportunities in the instant noodle realm. 

As you embark on this captivating voyage through the world of GS25’s Jumbo Ramyun, one question beckons: Are you bold enough to accept the challenge and indulge in the culinary delight of these big instant ramen noodles?

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