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BTS Jin in Action! Ottogi Jin Ramen Skyrockets with Massive Profits – Where to Buy Them?

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BTS Jin has done it again! Thanks to the immense popularity of BTS’s eldest member, Ottogi Jin Korean ramen popularity has soared to #2 among popular food brands. Now that this brand has gained newly-found success, you’re definitely wondering where to buy BTS Jin ramen. Here are some of the best Korean ramen products from Ottogi Jin, modeled by BTS Jin.

BTS Jin Super Effect: Ottogi Jin Ranks #2 in Food Industry Interest Analysis + Increased Global Sales

Over the last few years, Ottogi Jin ramen has become the underdog among the Korean ramen brands. That is until last year when this ramen brand decided to invite one of the most influential figures in the global music community, BTS Jin.

Having the same name as the brand, BTS Jin has showcased his immense interest. He has often expressed his fondness for the dish and even wished to model for the brand back in 2016.

Today, BTS Jin has finally showcased his superpower.

Star News reported on October 22 that the popularity of Ottogi Jin ramen had massively skyrocketed according to data survey analysis of the public’s interest in the food industry.

This Korean ramen ranked #2 with a total of 64,154 postings within 230,000 sites across 12 channels, including news, communities, blogs, and cafes for 8 major domestic food companies from July to September this year.

The report further stated that this skyrocketing popularity of Ottogi Jin ramen was thanks to BTS eldest member, Jin.

ottogi jin ramen
BTS Jin skyrocketing effect for Ottogi Jin Korean ramen brand. | Star News

Since the recruitment of BTS Jin as the advertising model, Ottogi Jin ramen has experienced a significant performance improvement. This improvement includes a large increase in domestic ramen exports of 17.7%, compared to last year’s period.

Moreover, the effect of BTS Jin has also affected the increase in demand for Korean ramen overseas in general. As a result, the US branch of Ottogi Jin ramen also gained an increased sales of 40%.

Where to Buy the Korean Ramen?

So, are you wondering where to buy this amazing Korean ramen featuring BTS Jin?

Due to the increased demand for Korean ramen since BTS Jin appeared in the commercial, Ottogi Jin is available at your nearest Korean grocery store. However, you can also conveniently purchase this product via Amazon.

You can purchase not just Korean ramen, but also various other amazing products from this brand.

Finally, if you wish to buy Ottogi products, simply scroll through our list and click the product you want the most. Then, just sit back and let the magic of online shopping do all the work for you!

Jin Ramen

ottogi jin ramen

Cheese Ramen

ottogi jin ramen cheese

Sesame Flavor Ramen

ottogi jin sesame
  • Instant ramen – sesame flavor
  • Includes egg block
  • 115 grams
  • 10 packs

SUPER Spicy Yeul Ramen

ottogi jin spicy
  • Traditional Korean ramen
  • SUPER hot and spicy
  • Premium, chewy noodles
  • 120 grams
  • 10 packs

Extra Wide Vermicelli

korean vermicelli
  • 100% sweet potato starch.
  • Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and No Preservatives.
  • Light and chewy texture.
  • Resealable bag.

Microwavable Instant Cooked Rice

korean cooked rice
  • Fresh cooked white rice.
  • High-quality rice grains.
  • Pre-cooked, served in 2 minutes.
  • Storage up to 8 months.

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