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The Best 5 Korean Hangover Drinks

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Check out the 5 best Korean hangover drinks that can prevent and cure hangovers and are easily available in the local convenience stores.

Today drinking has become a culture. You can find drinks everywhere, at parties, marriages, and even at get-togethers. It’s easily available in almost every restaurant and lounge. The biggest problem with drinking is its lasting hangover. 

A drink on your weekend nights can affect your Monday mornings with hangovers. It not just gives you a headache but also does not let you do any work with accuracy. This was a big problem until hangover drinks became popular in the markets. A hangover drink helps you to snap out of hangovers within no time. If you have a hangover drink, then you can enjoy your drink without worrying about early morning headaches. So here is a list of the 5 best Korean hangover drinks.

808 DAWN

808 Dawn is claimed to be made with pure herbs and natural components from the origin of Korea. Dawn is the best choice for those people who want to get out of hangovers without using any sort of chemical drink. Drinking before the beginning of your night party is ideal because drinking it after the party would not give you 100% benefits.

Morning Care

Morning Care is a drink with the sole motive of helping you get rid of your hangover after wild party nights. It has ingredients like milk thistle, soybeans, and guarana. It is also beneficial for your liver. Morning care is usually people’s choice in Korea because it is easily available in nearby convenience stores, and also people like its taste. It gives a hydrating effect to your body, keeping you going even after wild parties.


Condition is very popular among the people in Korea who like to drink. The main reason behind Condition being so popular is because it was one of the earliest hangover drinks released in Korea. It has ingredients like milk vetch roots, lotus seeds, raisin tree seeds, and other medical ingredients. If you want the best results, you prefer to take one before you start drinking, one while you have your drinks, and one before hitting your bed.

Bae Juice – Heotgaecha

Bae Juice is one of the most famous natural remedies Koreans have used for years to eliminate hangovers. It is nothing but simple pear Juice, which has been tested by scientists and is proven useful in speeding up alcohol metabolism and lowering the acetaldehyde levels in the blood. Bae Juice is a great natural way to tackle hangovers and has no side effects. Drinking Bae Juice before hitting the bar is ideal for getting the best results.

Oriental Raisin Tea – Hutgaesoo

Other drinks were made with the sole purpose of helping you get rid of hangovers, but Oriental Raisin Tea was not built up with the same idea. When tested then, it was found useful to tackle hangovers. It tackles hangovers with the benefits of Zero calories, sugar, and sodium. It is one of the best-selling Korean hangover drinks in summer because it hydrates your full body and helps your body system to decompose alcohol.

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