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Lotte Releases Impressive CF for Popular Zero-Sugar Soju, Saero Apricot

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Dive into the most captivating Korean soju CF from Lotte Chilsung for its zero-sugar product, Saero Apricot, featuring actor Park Ji Hoon and “Lovely Runner” sensation Kim Hye Yoon!

Lotte Chilsung Releases Impressive CF for Zero-Sugar Soju, Saero Apricot

You may have heard so many things about Korean soju. But have you heard about the zero-sugar but tasty zero apricot soju?

Indeed, Lotte Chilsung has recently made a breakthrough with its latest Korean zero-sugar soju, Saero Apricot. This product is also a part of the Saero(새로) soju series launched by Lotte Chilsung in 2022. It’s an unsweetened, diluted soju with a bit of distilled soju added to enhance the flavor. The name ‘Saero’ actually comes from the Spanish word’ cero,’ which means ‘zero.’

Saero Apricot is a new release of Korean zero-sugar soju with added flavors of apricots. Lotte specifically added this flavor to reduce the original bitter flavor of Korean soju, which typically involves around 12% alcohol content. The alluring flavor of apricots will enhance the freshness of this beverage, giving you a refreshing taste of Korean fruit-flavored soju, even when it is sugar-free!

But that is not all there is to this wonderful invention!

Lotte Chilsung has created one of the most innovative advertisements for Saero Apricot in the history of Korean soju promotions. The company presented this product in a series of fascinating webtoon-style CF featuring actor Park Ji Hoon and “Lovely Runner” star Kim Hye Yoon.

lotte chilsung Korean zero sugar soju Saero Apricot
Kim Hye Yoon and Park Ji Hoon. | YouTube

Webtoon-Style Historical Series

Furthermore, in the recent releases of Saero Apricot CF, Lotte Chilsung created their very own series of fictional mythological divide creatures, the Saerogumi, using Korean webtoon style design. This Saero-Gumi is a creative icon of Saero Apricot, based on the Korean mythological creature, the Gumiho (nine-tailed fox). The Saerogumi was told to be one of the forest guardians with an apricot tree as his home.

The CF tells the story of an ordinary woman falling in love with the Saerogumi, screaming as she confessed her feelings with all her might. And thankfully, the Saerogumi then returns her feelings, spending the rest of the woman’s lifetime with her, even if it means that they will part ways eventually.

After all, the woman will eventually grow old and pass away, while the Saerogumi lives on due to his immortality.

But no worries! With the divine power of the Saerogumi and his apricot tree, the female character eventually turns into another nine-tailed fox. She becomes the divine representation of the Saero Apricot.

When Saero Apricot CF came out, Lotte Chilsung gained massive praise not only for its webtoon-style concept but also for its choice of actors. By choosing Park Ji Hoon and Kim Hye Yoon, Lotte has successfully reached the global market and younger generations. As a result, the company has been getting more and more exposure for its latest Korean zero-sugar soju, Saero Apricot.

So, have you tasted this latest Korean Saero soju sensation from Lotte? Unfortunately, Saero Apricot is not yet available at US local stores. However, you can try the original flavor of Lotte Saero Soju at some of these local liquor stores:

saero soju
Saero Soju Original (left) and Saero Apricot (right). | Multiple Sources

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