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Physiogel – A Sensitive Skin K-Beauty Savior

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Stiefel Laboratories in Germany founded Physiogel in 2000 and was acquired by the British pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline in 2009. With this transaction, this company is on track to expand its derma cosmetics portfolio. Following the acquisition of Physiogel’s business rights for Asia and North America last year, Korean brand LG Household and Health (LG H&H) will diversify its markets. Physiogel has some new product launches for the South Korean market because of the new investment perfect for sensitive skin types.

With the rise in technology backing the beauty industry, Physiogel has also caught the trend. Skincare and beauty are no longer just a wash or a sturdy moisturizer routine. This company brings forth three new products that use technology like BioMimic and scientific benefits of Palmetamides. Focusing only on the sensitive skincare market, these products are all hypo-allergic and reduce skin irritation. This range comprises two sheet masks and one cream, as given below.

Red Soothing AI Relief Face Mask

The Red Soothing AI relief face mask is one of the recent launches by Physiogel. This mask is perfect for sensitive skin, and it calms down irritated skin and is very mild. The mask is made with 100% cotton microfiber, which makes them light on the skin. Red Soothing AI Relief Face Mask is infused with Birch Sap Ceramide, Squalane, and Panthenol, and Palmetamindes (PEA). The squalene and birch sap hydrate the skin while panthenol improves skin elasticity. The ceramide heals the natural skin barrier and increases skin immunity. This mask is ideal for those afraid of trying anything on their face but have to deal with skin dry. Cotton fiber makes it a natural product, and it does not cause allergies.

Red Soothing AI Relief Face Mask
Red Soothing AI Relief Face Mask (Image from

Daily Moisture Cream Therapy Mask

Daily Moisture cream therapy mask is another face mask from Physiogel. This special mask is also for soft and sensitive skin individuals. It has a base of natural organic cotton fiber. The K-beauty mask uses BioMimic technology, and it does not irritate the skin. It contains panthenol, ceramide, and squalene. With BioMimic technology, this one contains lipid molecules that are almost like the ones present naturally in the skin. This property keeps the skin supple and smooth. Ceramide restores skin health, and squalene and panthenol hydrate.

Daily Moisture Cream Therapy Mask physiogel sensitive skin products
Daily Moisture Cream Therapy Mask (Image from

Red Soothing AI Sensitive UV Cream

Red Soothing AI Sensitive UV Cream is Physiogel’s first sunscreen. With this product, they are venturing into the sun care range. It uses both BioMimic technology and PEA. The sunscreen is washable and lightweight. The cream is non-comedogenic in nature and can be used daily. Red Soothing AI Sensitive UV Cream contains titanium dioxide for sun protection, glycerin to hydrate the skin, and panthenol to reduce skin redness. This marvel from Physiogel has a lot of benefits. It is non-greasy, you can use it every day, and it is hypoallergenic. It covers protection from both UVA and UVB. These properties make it a highly sought-after product.

physiogel sensitive skin products
Red Soothing AI Sensitive UV Cream (Image from
Wrapping Up!

Physiogel considers every individual to have the right to skincare. Backed by LG H&H, they are here to provide effective and personalized skincare to all. They do not shy away from experimenting, and this time the results are marvelous. All Physiogel products tailor-made for sensitive skin types say a lot behind about the research that went into it. So, if you fall into the category of sensitive skin, try the sensitive skin-friendly products from Physiogel. 

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