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BTS x Jamie Wander Collab – The Dynamite Collection

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BTS x Jamie Wander collab features Dynamite Collection, where graphics of each piece is inspired from the hit BTS single Dynamite!

You are soon going to be spending lots more on BTS merch even if you had planned on being strong and not splurging again! Jamie Wander launched a Dynamite-inspired collection to entice the fans just before the band’s recent comeback.

BTS x Jamie Wander Collab – The Dynamite Collection

The amazing and gorgeous collection includes keyrings, leather stickers, mini bags, luggage charms, and more. The whole collection features graphics inspired by Dynamite artwork. With Jamie Wander’s brand and Dynamite’s unique style, you can put your best foot forward. Style up with the unisex product collection without worrying about gender and show off the diversity.

There are items that cost less than US$ 100 while others are priced at a much higher cost. If you are looking for budget-friendly, consider the DYNAMITE leather stickers, ROLLING STONE mini pouch series, STARS luggage tags, and CHA-CHING key rings.

DYNAMITE Leather Stickers

Taking inspiration from BTS Dynamite, these bright and vibrant stickers are made with soft leather material. They have embossing that gives them a classier finish. You can attach them to your bag, phone, or even notebook with 3M adhesive. These stickers cost about KRW 175,000.

Image credit: Jamie Wander


It’s the tiny mini bag that’s perfect for your AirPods, as a coin purse, or for keeping any other valuables safe. You can attach it to LITTLE FUNK and CITY bags as it complements both. It has a zipped closure and can be attached to any belt or strap.

Image credit: Jamie Wander


It’s a cute but classy keyring with design inspiration from the BTS ‘DYNAMITE’ song. You can attach it to your keyrings to give them a fun vibe. They are even perfect for attaching to your bag or any other accessory.

Image credit: Jamie Wander

STARS Leather Luggage Tag

A practical luggage tag that goes with all your bags and accessories.

Image credit: Jamie Wander

NANA Mini Backpacks

These adorably named backpacks come in two variations – clear and white. Both take design inspiration from BTS Dynamite colors for appliqués.

And More Bags

About Jamie Wander

Jamie Wander is a contemporary lifestyle brand by New York designer ‘Jamie Lee.’ The brand features products that are designed and guided by inspiration from her wanderlust. The pieces from the brand are minimalistic and classic, and they complement all moments and destinations in life. Jamie Lee gives you the ability to express your style in a unique and individualistic way while fulfilling the wanderlust in all of us!

Check out the BTS Dynamite MV that inspired the whole collection:

If you are in Seoul this month, you can check out the BTS x Jamie Wander Popup store in Seoul until September 2, 2021. It is located near Seoul Forest and the bright colors of the store will ensure that you won’t miss it if you are anywhere in its vicinity!


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