BRIDCAN – Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Hygienic With This Korean Product

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South Korea can be credited for several unique inventions. Korean companies use natural elements along with technology to make everyday life easier. They work extensively to make the environment hygienic and free of germs. And in similar lines is another Korean product that keeps your clothes fresh and hygienic – BRIDCAN. 

A household has many fabrics, and all of this attracts impurities of different nature. JEONJINBIO. Co. Ltd. makes mists under the brand name of BRIDCAN that work on household fabrics to keep them clean and dirt-free. These are liquids that come in spray bottles and have components giving them anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. BRIDCAN Fabric Mist includes exquisite products in its range that are compatible with various fabrics and other surfaces. There’s even a mosquito repellent under its umbrella that is free from chemicals and is safe to use even for children. 

What Is JEONJINBIO. Co. Ltd. All About?

JEONJINBIO. Co. Ltd is an expert in mists. It is a South Korean company that has a good hold on the market. They make mists for dresses and pest repellents. Their repellents are for boars, birds, sea- lice, rodents, and snakes. While it may sound cruel, all their products are eco-friendly and use the latest technology to keep the animals safe. BRIDCAN is one of their dress mists that is popular. 


The name BRIDCAN originates from the short form of the words “Breath” and “Can.” The story behind them is to make mists that people do not have a problem breathing in. It is safe to use on sheets and curtains and does not have harmful substances. It is even free from chemicals, and the addition of cloth-derived material makes it powerful. One of its all-purpose mists is called All-In-One.  

BRIDCAN Fabric Mist All-In-One

It is a multi-purpose mist that contains no harmful chemicals and can be used anywhere in the house. You can use it on your shoes, clothes, or even in the bathroom. It has anti-bacterial properties, is non-static, and lasts a long time. The mist repels moths and germs. Their fragrances come from ROBERTET, a well-known manufacturer of perfume additives in France. 

BRIDCAN Fabric Mist All-In-One (Photo: JEONJINBIO Co,.Ltd.)

Fabric mist is great for bedding, curtains, and pets and as it is hypoallergenic, it is suitable for babies. They make it in small bottles with color-coded labels. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, and blue. It is available in two sizes to meet your needs. Both bottles come with a spray nozzle for simple application.

There are other eight options also based on the functional types – Bed, Car, Toilet, Shoes, Sports, Pets, and Babies.

BRIDCAN Mosquito Repellent

This company has a mosquito repellent that is not harmful to the skin. It does not harm the material or the skin and is effective. The key ingredient here is DEET that kills mosquitoes. Peppermint and lemon in it mask the smell from DEET and make it suitable for daily wear. Excellent for outdoors, you can use it on any part of the body. The packaging is convenient, and it is available in 2 sizes. 

Mosquito Repellents from JEONJINBIO Co,.Ltd. (Photo: JEONJINBIO Co,.Ltd.)

In the End!

While it is not an invention, it has made a comeback in the market. The odor of any kind is not pleasant, and more than often, one struggles to find a safe option for it. With BRIDCAN mists, this problem stands resolved. Not only are the products safe for you, but they also do not damage the fabric. They help to ward off cloth pests and thus, increase their life. They are mild and do not stain the cloth. If you have not used them, yet it is time to try them. They will fill your life with a pleasant fragrance and allow you to live in a clean environment.    

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