Physical Therapy Models Step into the Future with H Robotics’ Innovation: Rebless™

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h robotics' rebels

Rebless™ is a home rehabilitation device from a robotic technology-based high-tech Korean startup H Robotics that provides various exercise positions for both upper and lower limbs. 

Advancing age has always been the Achilles’ Heel of mankind; we can beat every challenge life throws at us, but not life itself (or rather, its end). We will all grow old one day, our bodies will become weary and frail, our limbs will lose their elasticity, and we’ll need help even to maneuver properly. Similar traits can be observed in a person suffering from musculoskeletal or neurological issues that affect major muscle or nerve groups in the body, crucial for sustained movement and good health. 

We know that physical activity is the cornerstone for a healthy, active life- even at an advanced age. Multiple studies have proven the positive effects physical activity has on our health. The CDC recommends all adults above 65 get at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-intensive aerobic activities in a week to ensure peak functional fitness. 

However, the cracks start to appear when we look at the statistics of physical rehabilitation services.

Physical Therapy Pain Points

One of the most significant points of struggle in the healthcare industry is that there are too many in need of quality rehabilitation services, and there aren’t enough Physical Therapists around. In the United States, the elderly account for a quarter of the country’s demographic makeup. In contrast, only 200,000 physical therapists are in the country, and the American Physical Therapy Association projects a shortage of 29,000 PTs till 2024. We see this same pattern replicated in every major country globally, where the demand far outmatches the supply. 

To address this critical shortage of healthcare professionals in a field demanding increasing focus, South Korean startup H Robotics has developed a device that stands in as your personal physical therapist.

H Robotics’ Award-Winning Healthcare Innovation: The Rebless

For a company still in its nascent stages, H Robotics has taken some very long strides in the world of technology and telemedicine. Established in 2018, the South Korean startup has rocketed to the top of healthcare innovation in three short years, including winning the 2021 CES Innovation Award in the Health and Wellness category. 

rebless rehab unit and mobile app (Image: H Robotics)

H Robotics aims to improve people’s lives with their devices, and their mission is to create a “healthier life for all mankind through innovative technology.” That innovation is Rebless, an intelligent robotic rehabilitation device that seeks to give you the best rehabilitation possible through teletherapy.

Rebless assists with the rehabilitation of both upper and lower limbs, providing optimum motion to knees, wrists, elbows, and ankles. It comes with multiple operating modes, taking your body Passive or Active exercise regimes based on your compatibility. Its Continuous Passive Motion and assist-as-needed technology allow patients to switch their exercise regimes based on their physical capabilities, creating a personalized rehabilitation module tailored to their exact needs. 

The device collects data like Ranges of Motion, assistance, resistance, and the number of repetitions to track patient progress and help encourage them on their path to recovery.

Rebless comes with its own application that serves as a Smart Telerehab Platform. The app prescribes exercise regimens, helps schedule them, manages and exports patient output to track progress and improve their regimens, and facilitates teletherapy via video calls with the prescribing professional. 

All in all, it provides a holistic treatment model that continuously undergoes evaluation and improvement to give you the best treatment possible. At a time where physical therapists are scarce and enlisting their services costly, Rebless gives you cost-effective rehabilitation at your fingertips and has the potential to become a mainstay in the healthcare industry.

Why is the Rebless is a Much-Needed Innovation?

We are entering an unprecedented time in human medical history. While life spans are the longest they’ve historically been, the number of ailments affecting mankind has also increased. 

An aging population and increasing rates of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders could lead to a shortage in access to proper therapy for patients,” said Dr. Ig-Mo Koo, the CEO of H Robotics. 

Rebless was designed to make it easier to access necessary treatment and widen the burgeoning scope of teletherapy, bringing it to the forefront of an industry undergoing digital transformation and helping protect lives through the power of technology.

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