Montanc – A Powerful Handheld Cordless Korean Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you tired of seeing dust and pet hair inside your home and car? Montanc, a handheld cordless Korean vacuum cleaner, might just be your solution to that! 

Today we will talk about Montanc, which Bluefeel develops. Every household could use a powerful and lightweight vacuum like the Montanc. Using this lightweight vacuum will make your house and cars clean and tidy. With Montanc, you can now clean places that are impossible to clean with normal size vacuums. 

Overview of the Korean Company Bluefeel

Bluefeel is a subsidiary brand of Samsung Electronics and is accelerated by the same. It is a consumer electronic company in South Korea that concentrates on daily appliance solutions. Moreover, they focus on activities of most consumers that they take for granted when using electronic devices. 

The company is actively listening and understanding what the consumer needs and wants. As a result, it is their first priority to focus on making consumer-friendly products. In addition, Bluefeel develops its products with the principle of an intuitive approach and unique ideas. The technology they use is high-tech and consumer-friendly. On top of that, the design and marketing ensure that consumers understand the value of Bluefeel. 

The strategy of Bluefeel is to create a “purple ocean,” which means that it will create a blue ocean from the red ocean. In other words, Bluefeel wants to provide convenient solutions to consumers who bear with the unpleasant devices they use. More important, consumers are getting used to using sub-par items. Hence, Bluefeel aims to eliminate the burden that consumers face daily.

In conclusion, Bluefeel, along with the experience and experts from Samsung electronics, provides comfortable, familiar, and useful consumer electronic devices for the market. It is a one-stop-shop for getting devices that you use in your household. 

What is Montanc?

Montanc is a super lightweight cordless vacuum that comes with a whirlwind power of 15000PA. It comes with attachments that can further amplify its effectiveness where big vacuums don’t work. Furthermore, it is the only handheld vacuum that weighs only 1.2 lbs and has powerful suction capabilities. For instance, Montanc is powerful enough to pick up an iPad that weighs around 1 pound. 

The engineers behind Montanc create this minimal and attractive-looking vacuum that makes cleaning fun and effortless. The company showcases the power of Montanc by comparing it to the strongest handheld vacuum in history with a suction power of 12000 PA. 

Design of the Korean Vacuum, Montanc

Montanc is as strong as a Dyson vacuum with a suction power of 15000PA. In addition, it weighs significantly less than other standard vacuums. An adult can easily clean the ceilings using only one hand. Moreover, the device has an LED battery indicator that shows the battery level intuitively. The ergonomics are comfortable and made for everyday use. Lastly, the design and all-white color can make Montanc blend into your household.

Two power modes are present in Montanc, and these modes are mainly differentiated by their power suction. The first mode uses the suction power of 6000PA that picks up normal size particles and debris. The vacuum will remove all the particles instantly and make your household clean. This mode can be used for 30 minutes before you need it needs charging.

The first power mode attacks the hair particles of your family members and dogs. It can clean your sofa, floors, and mattresses easily. Moreover, crumbs that are spread out in the kitchen can also be cleaned with the first power mode. 

montanc cordless korean vacuum cleaner

The second power mode is for more serious cleaning and comes with a powerful suction of 15000PA. The power suction in this mode is so powerful that it picks up microparticles that are not visible to the human eye. After that, it cleans large chunks of debris, requiring more powerful suction. However, this mode can be used for 9 minutes in full charge. 

Microdust, pollens, large cereal crumbs, dead insects, and leaves around plant plots are usually the forte of this power mode. 


Montanc is easy to use, and cleaning is effortless with it. Once you get this cordless Korean vacuum, it will take you no time to learn how to use it. You can read the user manual to understand how it operates. Bluefeel has continued to create intuitive products since the beginning of its startup. With Montanc, consumers can welcome positive change in their daily activities. 

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