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Siita: A K-Beauty Startup Innovating to Save the World

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Siita is a global skincare company based in South Korea. Skincare brand Siita came into the limelight when K-pop singer and actress Ahn So hee discussed its products on her YouTube as well as her Instagram handle. The company provides low-priced facial creams without compromising their quality and also donates a small portion of every sale to the underprivileged in the hearts of consumers. 

Siita’s initiative of no waste

This technology of Siita came to be known in September 2021. In the company’s belief, it has decreased the plastic decomposition process from 500 years to 3 months. 

It has brought this latest technology on its own. 

It is also bringing it in effect for free as a part of the mission “Keep Earth Alive”.

How Siita became popular?

This company has got huge support. Various celebrities such as Hollywood actors like Jeremy Renner and K-pop singer CL showed their support for the company. It is a sustainable and environment-friendly company. The foreign media IBT and Bloomberg have also said that this has changed the paradigm of solving environmental problems. It was also popular as the “Apple of cosmetics.”

Siita is a Korean company that put in use its plastic decomposable technology on its cosmetic products and has become the first company to ensure zero-waste. The company has also been successful in this technology and also made it possible to decompose plastic waste using its system. It has also stopped using and producing plastic products. 

It is observed that in the coming days, Siita’s wastes will be converted into compost with the help of its facilities. Its facilities are also shared with local farmers and small groups. 

This technology seems to be a great achievement in the waste management process in the modern situation where environmental problems are increasing day by day. Instead of keeping the technology with itself, Siita decided to share it with the world. As it would help in the proper waste management and reduction of environmental problems. 

We aim for endless planet earth, and this is the only reason why we are into our business.

Siita Philosophy

Zero waste principles of Siita

Siita has also introduced a new model of waste management. It is the New Zero Waste principle. The principles are as follows:

  1. Any product must be used till the end of its life and must not become a waste. It’s the responsibility of the producers to make products that contribute equally to the people and the environment. 
  2. It aims at eradicating waste instead of just taking some environmental steps. Its main focus is on achieving a waste policy. 
  3. It is still looking for methods to develop products that can get decomposed without harming the environment in the present and the future. It mainly focuses on producing biodegradable goods. 
siita innovation

Siita’s Motive

The company has established a unique process from collecting used packaging and running a comminution facility to dumping them into the soil, which is afterward provided to nearby farmers and communities for use. The CEO of the company, Moon, explained the main motivation of the company is meeting the vision of the company to bring a “new era of no-waste.”


Our Environment is what makes us. We must keep it safe, clean, and free from any harm. Plastics are very hazardous to our environment, and thus the use of plastics must be brought under control. The company Siita seems to be doing a great deal of work by bringing out such an initiative and taking the necessary steps required with the help of modern technologies. Their mission of ‘zero-waste’ is a great operation that will help in the maximum utilization of that product and will make a safe environment.

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