ARpedia by Woongjin Thinkbig: The Best Way to Learn New Things

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Woongjin ThinkBig Co., Ltd. is a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree for its ARpedia, an AR book reading device for kids to make learning fun.

Learning has come a long way, from carrying heavy books across the library to flipping the page with a single click. With technological advancements, things will only become more convenient for humans. The purpose of incorporating technology with education is to explore better ways of learning. The human mind resonates with images and videos more than text. A lot of information comes from books which largely comprise text. Today even toddlers from the age of 2+ start school. For young humans, it is vital to engage them with animated videos and fun games. Woongjin Thinkbig is a company that has held the ground in online education for a long time. They now have a remarkable product that allows you to learn with fun.

Woongjin Thinkbig

Woongjin Thinkbig was founded in 1980 and worked under a different name then. They develop educational content that targets various age groups. This company works with a vision that wants to understand education ten years from now. This company is a pioneer at advancing education in South Korea and runs many programs with utmost transparency and customer service. They provide learning centers, material online books, and even publish offline ones. The company launched an AI coaching center in 2017 and have many patents under their name. They conduct regular programs to train teachers and students.

Woongjin Thinkbig ARpedia

ARpedia is an interactive and fun way for children to learn. Trying to make a child read a book is a mammoth task. With no images, interaction, and black and white text, it gets monotonous for them. ARpedia gives the children a reading exercise that goes beyond the book. This is a new and more interactive way for your toddlers or preschoolers to understand education. This technique uses 3D, 2D, and AR animation to bring your book to life. The children will stay longer on one book and even finish it. This product has even made its place in the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honorees list in the Software & Mobile Apps category.  

What You Get

Upon purchasing this product, the buyer gets a set of paper books, the ARpedia app, a market set, and a special toy. You start by placing the special toy called SPOTTY. This toy is a long-neck giraffe and has a camera embedded in its bow tie. It is where you place the tablet, and it connects through a USB wire. The book goes on the foot of SPOTTY and comes with a special QR code. The camera in the giraffe reads the code and displays the contents on the tablet’s screen. The book plays automatically once you open the pages and start reading. 

Woongjin ThinkBig ARpedia

The market set comes with markers and placers that you can place on your book. The camera reads them and makes them on the tablet screen for you as well. The tablet comes with face recognition and marker recognition as well. You even get coloring books, drawing books, and many other types. The education level of the books increases with your child’s age. The popularity and demand of the product are high, and it is even available on Amazon.

In the End!

Giving your children the best education is every parent’s dream. With Woongjin Thinkbig ARpedia you can now fulfill this dream in their early years itself. Today, the generation is already habitual to watching the screen of a tablet or a phone. Giving them this device will convert mindless screen time into something interactive and worth their effort. Bring home the ARpedia today and let your child’s brain expand to its full capacity. 

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