South Korea’s First 8K 3D VR Drama by LG U+ and Playlist

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“Re-Feel: If Only” is South Korea’s first digital drama produced with three-dimensional (3D) effects, 8K resolution, and virtual reality (VR) technology.

There is no beating South Korea when it comes to technology. While parts of the world are still struggling to work with 4G, South Korea is already running on 5G technology. The country vows to make life convenient and exciting for all by constantly developing its offerings in this field. This time, South Korea has come up with the first drama series with 8K picture resolution. This series is three-dimensional and incorporates virtual reality. Using an experienced team of researchers and experts: two power brands in South Korea create this new experience for their users. Using this technology in drama-making is unique, and South Korea is proud to pioneer in this field. 

What Is the 8K 3D VR Drama by LG U+ and Playlist?

The masterminds behind this one-of-a-kind offering are South Korea’s exceptional mobile carrier, LG U+, and a local web drama-making house called Playlist. LG U+ is famous for its technology-related offerings, while millions of people actively follow Playlist in South Korea.

This romantic fantasy series involves the protagonist using coffee’s power to get his lover. The drama is called “Re-Feel: If Only” and revolves around the lead character who time travels after drinking coffee. This drama is a six-episode series, with its first two episodes released on the 14th of July, 2021. The platform used for this launch is the LG U+, and it will use a 5G network. One new episode will release every alternate Wednesday, from July to September. The series is available on the Playlist network, which is a popular favorite amongst the new generation.

re feel if only first 8k 3d vr drama
Re-Feel: If Only (Image: Playlist Studio)

It’s a remake of 2019 drama with the same name by Playlist Studio.

The Making of The Unthinkable?

Creating a successful 8K resolution series involves enormous sums of money. Along with that, the final quality of video and sound are always under doubt. Because of these reasons, no company has ventured into this field so far. However, LG U+ did it differently and saved an extensive amount on the production cost and improved quality. Pre-planned camera locations, advanced camera layouts, and shooting the entire body in one take helped them decimate cost. The 3-dimensional imaging and 8K resolution enhance the power of the images. Playlis and LG U+ are confident that their product will emerge as a hit with youngsters inclined towards virtual reality. 

first 8k 3d vr drama
(Image: LG U+)

What Is the Technology Behind This Creation?

Here, you have a simple explanation of the technical terms used in this piece of work. 8K resolution implies that the width of the images is 8000 Pixels. It was only in 2019 that the first television equipped with 8K resolution came out. This effect makes the image lifelike and gives the users a realistic experience.

To understand 3-dimensional imaging, one knows that when you see things in real life, you see their length, breadth, and depth. However, on the television, you only see length and breath, thus a 2D image. To make a 3-D image, makers take the same picture twice; one for the left eye and one for the right. Next, they put these images together to create one picture that will have all three dimensions. When this 8K, 3D image is stimulated by a computer to interact with its environment, then it is called virtual reality. Combining all these elements is a tedious task, but LG U+ and Playlist have accomplished it.  

What Do The Companies’ Bosses Say?

According to Choi Yoon-ho, head of the service at LGU+VR said: “8K 3D enhances image expressiveness, and we hope that customers can watch our content more realistically.”

Playlist CEO Park Tae-won said, “It is meaningful to introduce Korea’s first 5G-based 8K virtual reality (VR) drama as a work of ‘Playlist’, which leads the MZ generation’s drama content market.” Other than ‘Re-feel: If Only’, they are planning more content and services like AR music videos. Playlist plans to lead the innovation and development of the VR industry focussing on the MZ generation. In addition, we are planning various contents and services such as AR music video and multi-view video, so we plan to lead the development and growth of the virtual reality (VR) industry centering on the MZ generation who are familiar with digital.”

In The End!

With the amalgamation of multiple technologies in this one production, Playlist will not disappoint. If you do not have a television or device that supports the requirements, now is time to get one! Once this 8K 3D VR drama series breaks records, other makers will follow suit. The drama series market is still unexplored with incorporating the latest technology. Mark your calendar for the release date of the series and get your equipment and popcorn ready. Witness history in the making with the “Re-Feel: If Only” series and enjoy your 14th of July.

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