Trade Photo Cards Of Your Favorite K-Pop Idol With K-Startup App PICKIT

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The South Korean entertainment industry is on a global rise. Amongst other segments, fans of K-Pop are head over heels with their artists. So much so that these fans hoard souvenirs and collectibles from activities and promotions. If you have even been a fan, you will associate with the craze they have for their idols. A signed t-shirt, an autograph, or even collectible edition photo cards are things to hold on to and pass down to generations. Seeing an opportunity here, the Korean startup company Original Innovation Group Co. Ltd. has developed PICKIT, an App dedicated to digital photo collectibles for K-Pop fans. 

Who are the Original Innovation Group Co. Ltd.? 

Original Innovation Group Co. Ltd established in 2018, this company is a South Korean start-up, with Steve Yong Won Choi, as its founder. Their last funding came from SparkLabs Accelerator in 2019. This company runs with a vision to recreate the digitalize the collectibles market in South Korea. They target not only the local K-Pop fans but also the international ones. They aim to help worldwide fans to possess collectibles of their favorite K-Pop stars. Digital collectibles are their focus, and the App PICKIT works to fulfill this mission.   

What is the PICKIT App?

A subscription to¬†PICKIT¬†allows you into a community of like-minded fans and trade in the digital form of collector’s cards. Taking inspiration from the handheld collectors’ cards popular in other segments, this App has the digital version of these cards with details of the artist from the K-Pop industry. Photo collector’s cards are every fan’s delight; you can buy, sell and even exchange them on this platform.¬†

What does it offer to K-Pop fans? 

Downloading this App allows you to get in touch with millions of other K-Pop fans. You can buy seasonal cards and parade them on your home page for the other fans to see and envy. On this App, one can even take part in a trade-off of the cards. PICKIT also has the system of awarding points when someone competes with other fans and wins in a ranking challenge. You get surprise rewards and a position above the rest in the challenge based on the value of your collection. 

pickit app
PICKIT interface

You can earn coins for undertaking daily activities like trading and purchases. If you own the card collection with the highest value, you get the title of God-Fan. PICKIT gets their information directly from the idols, makes and releases a digital card to the fans, and ranks the card daily. This company is in a legal partnership with WOOLLIM Ent., SWING Ent., CJ ENM., and YUEHUA Ent. 

Currently, stars like Chungha, WOODZ, Lovelyz, Everglow, Golden Child, Jaehwan Kim, and IZ*ONE have their picture cards on PICKIT. The company is working on roping in more artists, and cards for Minkyu Kim and VERYERY are their next launch. 

What about the future of PICKIT?

With a mission to set up the most sought-after marketplace only for digital collectibles, this App is on the right track. Since its launch in 2019, the PICKIT app already has 10K plus downloads via Appgrooves.com. It even has a 3.5 rating on the Google Play Store and is the pioneer in the digital collectible segment. Its parent company envisions selling other collectibles like T-shirts, coins, movie tickets, and posters a few years down the line. The revenue model of this App runs on transactions and subscription costs. 

The primary marketing strategy of the Original Innovation Group Co. Ltd. focuses on social media and the fan base this medium has. Marketing on social media is difficult as the lifespan of a post or an update is very short. Therefore, an aggressive plan needs active implementation to get the best out of the K-Pop fans. The company is also looking at collaborating with more K-Pop idols and organizations that manage these artists. 

In the End!

PICKIT is a new platform, and its offering is unique. This App is a hit amongst the fans, and people are already actively trading on it. Information about the life of the idols is its offering, and fans are eager to know more about them. Possessing the most valuable card or collection is a prize, along with holding the coveted high rank of God-Fan. No matter your age, if you are a K-Pop fan, you will immediately download this App. Experience the world of digital trading and grab your collector’s card today.¬†¬†

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