Lunar New Year Gifts Idea Recommended by Taeyeon

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Discover perfect Lunar New Year gifts recommended by K-pop star Taeyeon. Her curated selection combines style and practicality, provided with links for a hassle-free gifting experience this festive season.

Taeyeon’s Secret Wish List for Her Lunar New Year Gifts

In the video “Recommended by Taeyeon: Lunar New Years Gifts Idea,” Taeyeon, a renowned K-pop artist, shares her top gift selections for the Lunar New Year. This video presents various gift ideas that reflect Taeyeon’s taste and style. From luxurious and practical items to unique and thoughtful gifts, the selection is diverse, catering to different preferences and needs.

The great news is that all these recommended items are conveniently available on Kakao’s service called Kakao Talk Gift. We make it easy for you to purchase and send these gifts directly by providing the link to each item. Let’s share meaningful and stylish gifts during the festive season.

1. Just Dance 2024 Nintendo Pack

just dance nintendo 2024 lunar new year gifts recommended by taeyeon

The Nintendo Switch Just Dance 2024 Edition Korean Version, bundled with a comprehensive Nintendo Game Guide, offers an immersive dance gaming experience. Tailored for the Korean market, this edition provides players with the latest hits and dance moves, enhancing gameplay with detailed strategies and tips. You can enjoy this with your family. Party time!

2. Super Retinol C from Vital Beauty

super retinol vital beauty lunar new year gifts recommended by taeyeon

Super Retinol C from Vital Beauty revolutionizes skincare routines with its powerful blend of retinol and vitamin C. This innovative formula targets signs of aging improve skin texture and enhances brightness, making it a must-have for those seeking radiant, youthful skin.

3. Penhaligon’s Luna EDT

penhaligon luna edt moon perfume lunar new year gifts

Penhaligon’s Luna EDT is a captivating fragrance inspired by the mythical goddess of the moon. Its enchanting blend of citrus and floral notes creates a fresh, light scent, ideal for those who favor elegance and subtlety in their fragrance.

4. Benefit Splash Dew Tint

lunar new year gifts recommended by taeyeon benefit lip tint

Benefit’s Splash Dewy Tint offers a burst of sheer, hydrating color, infusing lips with a dewy finish that feels as refreshing as a splash of water. With 12 different colors, its lightweight formula glides on smoothly, providing a natural-looking tint that brightens any complexion.

5. Shopping Cart Carrier

korean shopping cart carrier

The Barnes Deco folding cart is a versatile and durable shopping companion, easily transitioning from a compact carrier to a spacious hand cart. Ideal for urban shoppers, it boasts a sleek design and robust construction, simplifying the transport of groceries and goods.

6. Crowcanyon Pretty Cups with Gift Box

crowcanyon cute pretty cups

The Crow Canyon pretty home cups, showcased in an attractive gift box, are a charming blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. These spotted enamel cups, presented in a tasteful package, make a delightful gift, perfect for bringing a touch of San Francisco style to any table.

7. Bungeoppang Mix and Maker

bungeoppang lunar new year gifts recommended by taeyeon

Bungeoppang, a fish-shaped pastry commonly filled with sweet red bean paste, is a delightful treat enjoyed in Korea, especially during the Lunar New Year festivities. Its warm, sweet filling symbolizes the hopes for prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. Give your loved ones the bungeoppang mix and maker as one of the Lunar New Year gifts to feast up the holiday.

8. Homebody Legless Sofa

homebody legless sofa

The Homebody 5-level adjustable legless chair is a versatile and comfortable single-person sofa. Its ergonomic design and adjustable backrest offer both relaxation and support, making it the perfect addition to any home for cozy, customized seating.

9. Huge Sitting Cushion

huge cushion pillow

The “Good luck sticks with you” Glutinous Rice Cake Cushion, also known as the Mochi Mochi Pillow, is a delightful and promising addition to any space. Its soft, mochi-like texture and charming design bring comfort and good fortune to your home decor.

10. Haribo Jelly

haribo jelly gift set

The “Soft and cute” Haribo jelly best 6 types + 2 goods gift set is a delightful assortment of Korean candies, featuring six delectable Haribo jelly flavors. Packaged with two bonus items, it’s the perfect gift for those who appreciate Haribo candies’ sweet and chewy goodness.

11. Cute Heart Skillet

cute heart skillet frying pan

The Cute Heart Skillet adds a touch of love to Lunar New Year cooking. Its heart-shaped design symbolizes affection and warmth. It is perfect for preparing festive dishes that bring families together to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

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