Kakao Webtoon Showcases Global Domination in Japanese Market

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Kakao Webtoon, the Korean corporate behemoth, is making waves globally, particularly in the Japanese webtoon market. Its Japanese arm, Kakao Piccoma, is at the forefront of this success story.

Kakao Piccoma: A Record-Breaking Success by Kakao Webtoon

Korean giant corporation Kakao once again showcased its record-breaking success by dominating the Japanese webtoon market through its subsidiary, Kakao Piccoma.

piccoma korean webtoon
Kakao Piccoma

In 2023, Kakao Piccoma marked a milestone, achieving a whopping annual transaction volume of 100 billion yen ($675.7 million). This feat cements its status as Japan’s leading webtoon platform. Since its inception in 2016, the subsidiary has grown exponentially, setting new benchmarks in the Japanese and European webtoon markets, with its expansion to France in 2022.

Unexpectedly, the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be an unexpected catalyst for Kakao Piccoma. The platform saw its transaction volume in 2023 skyrocket, registering more than a sevenfold increase from 2019. This growth trajectory highlights the dynamic appeal of webtoons during challenging times.

The Secret Sauce of Piccoma: Targeted Promotional Strategies

Furthermore, Kakao Piccoma isn’t just a hit in Japan. Instead, this Kakao webtoon subsidiary is making an impact globally. Ranking No. 1 in user spending across both Android and iOS platforms in Japan, it’s a testament to its widespread popularity.

On a global scale, Piccoma stands tall at No. 17, rubbing shoulders with giants like TikTok, YouTube, and popular gaming apps.

Yet, what’s the secret? How did this Kakao Webtoon subsidiary suddenly skyrocket, on par with such globally renowned apps?

The key to Kakao Piccoma’s success lies in its tailored promotional strategies. By offering personalized content recommendations, it caters to a diverse array of consumer preferences and interests.

For example, in a move mirroring online music playlist sharing, Piccoma introduced a feature allowing users to curate and share their favorite digital comic selections in 2023.

Kakao Webtoon: Redefining the Global Scene of Digital Comics

Finally, Piccoma’s CEO, Kim Jae Yong, attributes the platform’s growth to its dedicated comic enthusiasts and partners. He also emphasizes the company’s commitment to enriching the global comic industry and enhancing user experiences.

“Piccoma’s growth thrives on the passion of webtoon fans and the solid backing of our partners.

We’re committed to delivering even more engaging content to our users, ensuring their enjoyment. Our goal is to actively contribute to the growth of the worldwide comic industry.”

Kim Jae Yong, CEO of Kakao Piccoma.

And at the end of the day, Piccoma is not just revolutionizing the digital comic market in Japan. Instead, they are setting new standards in the global webtoon market.

Therefore, as it continues to innovate and grow, Kakao Webtoon is a name to watch in the ever-evolving world of digital comics.

So, have you tried checking out Piccoma by Kakao Webtoon along with all its incredible content? You can download Piccoma today via the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS. Witness the global domination of Kakao Webtoon and enjoy its wonderful content!

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