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IU & BTS V “Love Wins All” Wedding Dress: All You Need to Know

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Have you watched the heartbreaking music video of “Love Wins All” starring IU and BTS V? The new single by South Korea’s #1 soloist IU has captivated the global audience not only due to the great cinematography and incredible chemistry but also the stunning wedding dress that IU wore during her scenes with BTS V. Still, don’t you ever wonder where did the wedding dress come from? Was it a store-bought or designer brand? And can you find the same exact dress for your own wedding later? Join us as we discuss thoroughly everything about the gorgeous wedding dress in IU “Love Wins All” MV featuring BTS V.

The Meaning of the Wedding Dress in IU “Love Wins All” Starring BTS V

Before we dive deeper into the origin of the dress, you should understand the importance of this dress’ existence in the first place.

In “Love Wins All,” IU and BTS V played a young couple running away within a dystopian universe. They were chased by a giant box that represents discrimination against them. During their escape, they encountered a camcorder that symbolized a filter of love, leading them to have fun wearing a wedding dress and a tuxedo.

According to the MV director Uhm Tae Hwa, this wedding dress and tuxedo symbolize the main characters’ “fruit of love.” In the music video, they wear these clothes, take pictures, sing, and have fun, enjoying happiness for a moment while doing things they couldn’t normally do in everyday life.

But unfortunately, as IU happily sang and danced in the wedding dress with BTS V, the giant box found them. So, they had to run away again.

In the end, because of the giant box, their physical bodies disappear, leaving only the ‘clothes’ they were wearing. The last camcorder scene implies that they are rising into the air, which signifies their freedom from all sorts of oppression and pressure. Crucially, the falling wedding dress and tuxedo from the sky question whether the forms that are considered meaningful and important in reality truly represent the real essence.

Everything You Need to Know About IU Wedding Dress in “Love Wins All” MV featuring BTS V

Now that you understand the meaning behind the wedding dress in IU’s “Love Wins All” featuring BTS V, let’s learn more about it and its brilliant maker.

Specially Designed for IU by Korean Designer House DeniCheur

IU’s wedding dress in “Love Wins All” featuring BTS V is a custom-made design by Korean designer Song Seung Yeon of a Korean haute couture designer house named DeniCheur.

On its official Instagram account @denicheur.official, the designer house posted a photo of IU’s custom-made wedding dress. In the caption, DeniCheur revealed they had designed the wedding dress specially for IU.

“For IU

‘Love wins all’ MV

The two most beautiful people in the world <3

Her very own wedding dress, just for IU! ~

So~ pretty and pretty and pretty~~

Happy to be together in such a beautiful music video.”

“Love Wins All” wedding dress

Was It Only One?

Since the wedding dress was so beautifully designed by DeniCheur, fans wondered if they had to ruin it for the MV. After all, the dress that IU wore within and without the love camera filter looked extremely different. Inside the camera, the dress was clean, white, and perfect. However, in reality, the dress was broken with many burnt parts.

According to the behind-the-scenes video in IU’s YouTube program, IU TV, there are actually 2 dresses they use for the music video. The first one was for the real-life dystopian look, the burnt dress they used for the first day of shooting. And the second was the beautiful, perfect wedding dress for IU and BTS V’s lovely romantic scenes. This dress only appeared in the second part of the filming, on day 2.

Other Outfits Designed by DeniCheur

Along with IU’s wedding dress for “Love Wins All” MV with BTS V, DeniCheur had actually designed many extraordinary outfits for idols and drama projects. Here are some of their designs you may have noticed.

IVE – MBC Gayo Daejejeon 2023

NCT Dream – KBS Music Bank Global Festival 2023

IVE – MMA 2023

Dream Sweet – Doona! Korean Drama

Park Eun Bin – Castaway Diva Korean Drama

So, what do you think about IU’s wedding dress in the MV? If you love all these outfits, you may want to pay a visit to

Dénicheur by Seo Seung Yeon

📍 55 Bongeunsa-ro 34-gil, 역삼1동 Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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