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Elevate Your Gadget Experience with BT21 Accessories

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In today’s digital era, gadgets are not just tools for productivity and connectivity. They are extensions of our personality and style. Therefore, the BT21 universe offers an array of accessories designed to infuse your gadget with charm, character, and a touch of whimsy. Whether you’re a dedicated ARMY member or simply a lover of cute and creative designs, BT21 gadget accessories uniquely personalize and enhance your devices.

BT21 Gadget Accessories: A Fusion of Function and Style

The BT21 lineup boasts a diverse range of accessories tailored for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, blending functionality with the playful spirit of the BTS LINE characters. Here’s how you can give your gadgets a makeover.

The Cuteness on Your Study Desk

Deskterior with BT21 gadget accessories
Deskterior with BT21 gadget accessories | Source: Daebak

Transform your study or work desk into a haven of cuteness with BT21 essentials. The [minini] wireless keyboard’s whimsy, the silent multi-pairing mouse, and the charmingly round mouse pad infuse every study session with joy and adorable functionality.

Multi-Pairing Wireless Keyboard

The BT21 [minini] Multi-Pairing Wireless Keyboard epitomizes adorable efficiency for tech-savvy fans. Wirelessly connect it with laptops, tablets, or smartphones and enjoy the convenience of a built-in pencil/pen holder featuring a charming BTS LINE characters. This keyboard marries cuteness with functionality, making every keystroke a delightful experience. It comes with a wireless keyboard, batteries, manual, nano receiver, and protective skin, all while measuring approximately 394 x 145 x 23mm and weighing about 711.5g. It is crafted from durable ABS material. Note that batteries may be excluded due to shipping policies.

Multi Pairing Wireless Mouse

Upgrade your tech experience with the BT21 [minini] Multi Pairing Wireless Mouse, a perfect blend of efficiency and adorable design. Tailored for quiet productivity, this mouse operates silently, ensuring your focus remains unbroken. Its smart auto power-saving feature kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity, conserving energy for extended use. Compatible with multiple devices, it promises seamless connectivity, whether for work or study, all while showcasing the beloved BT21 charm. Comfortable and cute, it’s essential for any fan’s tech collection.

Round Mouse Pad

Brighten your desk with the BT21 [minini] Mouse Pad, featuring a smooth, thick texture for durability. Adorned with charming BT21 minini characters in soft pastels, this delightful round mouse pad combines function and cuteness for your work or study space.

Long Mouse Pad

Experience seamless mouse movement with the expansive BT21 [minini] Long Mouse Pad. Crafted with a smooth, waterproof cloth surface, it’s perfect for hosting your keyboard and mouse. Adorned with the delightful BT21 minini characters, it adds a cuteness to your workspace essentials.

Monitor Figure

Elevate your workspace with a touch of companionship from the BT21 [minini] Monitor Figure. These delightful characters perch on your monitor, providing a sense of togetherness as if they’re joining you in your work or study endeavors, adding a cheerful presence to your desk.

Keyboard Wrist Pad

Soothe your wrists with the BT21 [minini] Keyboard Wrist Pad. Not only an adorable gadget accessories, this BT21 wrist pad is designed for comfort. The soft pad alleviates fatigue during long typing sessions. Its light purple hue and adorable characters offer a visual treat, making your workspace both ergonomic and charmingly inviting.

Laptop Pouch

The BT21 [minini] Laptop Pouch keeps your laptop snug and scratch-free. This stylish protector combines practicality with personality, featuring a sleek design and cute characters. Crafted with a durable PVC outer and soft polyester lining, it’s the perfect travel companion for your device. Available for 13 and 16-inch laptops, it ensures a secure and charming way to carry your tech.


With BT21 gadget accessories, you can transform your everyday devices into personalized expressions of style and fandom. These accessories blend the practicality needed for modern gadgets with the imaginative and joyful essence of the universe of BTS LINE characters. Whether you’re working, studying, or just scrolling through your phone, BT21 accessories ensure that your gadgets stand out from the crowd, constantly reminding you of the creativity, friendship, and fun that BTS represents.

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