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Handbags from Local Korean Brands

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local korean handbag brands

Generally, when choosing our handbags, we simply look at the big brand names rather than deciding based on design or functionality. They are good, but they are quite expensive.

But now you have other options. Local Korean artisans create colorful and affordable handbags that are elegant and stylish. Handbags made by Korean artisans are becoming more popular with the youth as they have unique designs. All the different models suit the needs and match the variety of tastes people have. It is a much different phenomenon than just blindly following a certain brand as a part of the rat race.

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We have listed some brands that have become popular in Korea. These brands are also gaining popularity globally, helped by K-pop and celebrity cult followings.


It was launched in 2018 by Seok Jeong-hye, a designer. She created the most popular bag ‘Couronne’ in 2009 before starting the brand. The brand believes in the motto that ‘Trend is not a style.’ The design of each product focuses on customer needs so that each one can fulfill different requirements.


The ‘New Hester’ bag is one of the most popular bags from this brand. Since its release in the fall of 2017, it has sold over 40,000 units in the year. The latest spring-summer collection is designed with a harmony of freedom and transformation. The range breaks away from evenness, and it has a refreshed style.


It is another recent brand that has become popular with the launch of the ‘Salvia Joy’ bag. It has even collaborated with K-Pop star G-Dragon and Korean actresses Song Hye Kyo and Park MinYoung.


This brand was founded by Sun-hee, a former reporter for Harper’s Bazaar. She has also become one of the popular local artists in the Korean handbag market. Her initial collection of bags includes canvas handbags for business trips and vacations. Starting from something for friends and family, her pieces have now reached the shelves of Barney’s New York in Japan.

Serge Poetics

The brand is popular for its small and unique-looking handbags. The brand was started by Jeon Hyo-jin. For example, a Sailor Tulip bag is inspired by a sea crew bag. It can match any of your summery beach outfits. Each bag has a story behind it that is almost poetic.


Each bag’s luxurious design complements a basic, modern, or chic look. In some bags, you have the option of converting a small bag into a tote bag by attaching the straps. A wide variety of materials are used to make these handbags like canvas, leather, and plastic. The bags can be matched with any outfit on any kind of day.


MARHEN. J is a Korean bag brand that is highly famous for crafting sophistically chic bags that go very well with the western outfits. Its name has been derived from ‘MARGEN,’ a Spanish word that stands for composure and relaxation. Also, it is one of the favorite brands that are adored by prominent K-pop stars. 

The latest collection of bags by this Korean brand is exquisite and they can add an elegant look to your outfits. The Billy bag that comes along with a Sori case and a Jelly chain is the latest launch by this brand and is available in assorted colors such as grey and black. Besides this, you can find bags with minimalistic yet alluring designs that would turn the heads for you.

Find Kapoor

This Korean brand is popular for its pure plastic artistry and for creating classically stylish bags. Apart from this, Find Kapoor offers the best-in-class and timeless collections of beauty and fashion to captivate the hearts of the fashion aficionados.  

The latest collection by this brand matches the standards of designing perfection. The ever-famous Lekoo bag from this brand is perfect for nailing everyday looks with confidence and elegance. It features modish straps and is available in a variety of exquisitely elegant colors to make a significantly bold style statement.


Gu_de is one of the exceptional Korean bag brands and is well-known for its ultra-stylish sturdy bags, shoes, and fashion accessories. The specialty of this brand is the bags with statement metal straps that are available in beautiful pastel colors. 

The latest collection by this premium brand consists of bags that are crafted with supreme quality leather and complemented by metal straps. Also, the design of the bags is minimalistic, along with a few embellishments to make your presence noticed wherever you go.

All these bags and their corresponding brands are increasing in popularity because they have unique designs and are relatively low priced. You get a quality product priced about a tenth of a premium designer brand. A bonus to this is you can get more bags for the same price. You can even match your bag with the outfit you are wearing without going broke.

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