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Striking Korean Fashion Choice of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in the K-drama ‘My Demon’

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Explore the exquisite Korean fashion choices of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in the hit K-drama ‘My Demon.’ From Song Kang’s eye-catching ensembles to Kim Yoo Jung’s glamorous looks, let’s delve into the stylish world of this fantasy-romcom. Discover their on-screen wardrobe and see how these stars bring their characters to life with fashion.

Perfect Chemistry of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in the K-drama ‘My Demon’

‘My Demon,’ blending fantasy elements with a contemporary romantic comedy theme. Starring Kim Yoo-Jung and Song Kang in a captivating, chemistry-filled narrative, the series has enthralled viewers since its November 24 premiere.

Korean Brand Fashion Worn by Song Kang in K-Drama ‘My Demon’

In ‘My Demon,’ Song Kang shines as the charming Jeong Gu-Won, captivating audiences alongside Kim Yoo-Jung, who portrays Do Do-Hee. His remarkable acting skills, paired with his natural charisma, truly make the show a must-see. Moreover, his fashion choices in the first eight episodes of ‘My Demon’ are stunningly eye-catching, adding a sizzle to the drama.

Cropped Blazer and Jeans

Song Kang exuded an effortlessly cool aura. He masterfully wore a relaxed ensemble that included a T-shirt paired with a chic SONGZIO cropped blazer and complemented by WOOYOUNGMI‘s stylish blue straight jeans.

jeong gu won

Cropped Cardigan

Meanwhile, the casual yet stylish blue cropped cardigan from WOOYOUNGMI, worn by Song Kang, certainly captured attention and likely caused more than a few admirers’ hearts to flutter.

Song Kang my demon

Double-layered Wool Blazer

Maintaining his impeccable outfits, the dashing lead actor sported a sophisticated double-layered wool blazer from SONGZIO, adding another layer of style to his character.

Song Kang fashion k-drama my demon

Oversized Cardigan

In another scene, Song Kang turned up the style in a striking hot red oversized cardigan from SATUR. The fashion choice undeniably created eye-catching and sizzling look.

Song Kang fashion k-drama my demon

Korean Brand Fashion Worn by Kim Yoo Jung in K-Drama’ My Demon’

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-Jung’s portrayal of the highly successful and savvy Do Do-Hee in ‘My Demon’ is noteworthy not only for her acting but also for her glamorous fashion sense, which significantly enhances her character’s appeal.

Tweed Two-Piece Set

In the first episode of ‘My Demon,’ Kim Yoo-Jung’s memorable fashion moment featured a stunning pink tweed two-piece set from DINT. The ensemble captivated the audience and significantly added to the scene’s visual appeal.

Kim Yoo Jung fashion

See-through Scarf Blouse

Kim Yoo-Jung showcased sophisticated elegance in a white organza see-through scarf blouse from DINT. She perfectly paired the blouse with black straight-leg trousers and glossy ankle-strap pumps. The look was further enhanced with a chic white leather petite bag, adding an extra touch of class to the ensemble.

Kim Yoo Jung fashion k-drama my demon

Tweed Pleats Dress & Classic Bag

Kim Yoo-Jung showcased her fashion versatility with a charming tweed pleat dress from Avouavou featuring a subtle rainbow hue. This outfit was beautifully accented with a striking red dahlia classic bag from COURONNE, creating a delightful contrast.

Kim Yoo Jung fashion k-drama my demon

Bustier Jumpsuit

In the second episode, Kim Yoo-Jung donned a navy stripe bustier jumpsuit from L’HAS. She stylishly layered over a white collar t-shirt for a chic look. The ensemble was elegantly completed with a matching white logo-plaque cross-body bag.

Kim Yoo Jung fashion k-drama my demon

Tulle Maxi Dress & Classic Tote Bag

Kim Yoo-Jung looked absolutely ethereal in a summery flower V-neck frill tulle maxi dress from DINT. The angelic ivory dress paired harmoniously with her oyster-toned classic tote bag from COURONNE, creating a beautifully coordinated and graceful ensemble.

Kim Yoo Jung fashion k-drama my demon

White Shoulder Bag

For those curious about Kim Yoo-Jung’s chic white shoulder bag, it’s available for viewing at VUNQUE. This is the perfect place to explore more about the stylish accessory featured in her look.

Do Do Hee fashion

Open Collar Cardigan

In the third episode, Kim Yoo-Jung effortlessly radiated style while lounging in a slim-fitting, open-collar oatmeal cardigan from ITER, exuding a relaxed yet fashionable vibe that many aspire to emulate.

Do Do Hee fashion

Business Casual and High Fashion

Yoo-Jung effortlessly embodied elegance in her attire, which struck a perfect balance between business casual and high fashion. She donned a stunning light brown blazer with lace detailing and an open back, expertly tailored by Rokh. This was complemented by a beautifully arch-pleated midi skirt from the same designer.

Additionally, she accessorized with a chic oyster top handle tote bag from COURONNE, enhancing the ensemble’s sophistication.

Do Do Hee fashion

Black Turns to White Midi Dress

In Mrs. Joo’s funeral scene, Kim Yoo Jung was attired in a respectfully somber outfit. She wore a black A-line midi dress featuring a notched collar, a piece from BAU by Bride And You, which added a touch of solemn elegance to the occasion.

Do Do Hee Fashion

She then changed into a white midi dress, maintaining the same design. This piece, also from BAU by Bride And You, showcased her ability to switch to a subtle and sophisticated look effortlessly.

Do Do Hee Fashion

Vintage Knit Vest

In episode 4 of the K-drama ‘My Demon,’ Yoo-Jung stepped out in a charming khaki vintage knit vest and cardigan set from SY2C. This ensemble marked a delightful shift from her usual luxurious and chic fashion choices, presenting a more quaint and dainty appearance.

Korean Vintage Knit Vest

Black Maxi Trench

Yoo-Jung elegantly demonstrated the timeless appeal of a classic trench coat by wearing a black silk maxi trench from Avouavou. She skillfully introduced a contrast to the all-black ensemble with a touch of sand beige, courtesy of a grainy leather mini Frances bag, adding a subtle yet striking pop of color.

Black Maxi Trench

Pearl Crop Jacket

The black crepe pearl crop jacket from Avouavou she wore is a testament to timeless fashion. Furthermore, this piece exudes elegance, perfectly encapsulating a classic and sophisticated style.

Pearl Crop Jacket

Tailored Cropped Jacket and Midi Skirt

Last but not least, she exuded charm in a cream outfit from BAU by Bride And You. This ensemble beautifully paired a notched collar tailored cropped jacket with a tuck-detailed midi skirt, creating a harmonious and elegant appearance.

Tailored Cropped Jacket and Midi Skirt

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