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Park Eun-Bin’s Korean Brand Fashion as Seo Mok-Ha in ‘Castaway Diva’ Eps 5-8

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Explore the exquisite fashion choices of Park Eun-Bin as Seo Mok-Ha in the famous K-Drama ‘Castaway Diva’, episodes 5-8.

Having reached its conclusion, ‘Castaway Diva’ leaves a lasting impression with its series of gripping episodes. The cast’s exceptional performances, perfectly melded with a compelling storyline, ensured that each episode was a delight, rarely leaving room for disappointment. This high caliber of entertainment has rightfully secured the drama’s place as a fan favorite.

In addition, Park Eun-Bin’s portrayal of the endearing Seo Mok-Ha, complete with her striking fashion choices, has been a highlight. Reflecting on the outfit details now offers a wonderful opportunity to revisit some of the show’s most memorable moments.

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Park Eun Bin’s Striking Fashion Choice in ‘Castaway Diva’ K-Drama

Let’s delve into the Korean brands and stylish outfits that defined her character, from casual cardigans to elegant blazers. Each piece, whether a cozy sweatshirt or a pair of chic tassel pants, is meticulously detailed, offering fans and fashion enthusiasts a closer look at the trends setting the stage in this beloved drama. Join us in revisiting these memorable fashion moments, contributing to the show’s charm and Eun-Bin’s captivating portrayal.

Baggy Cardigan

aprk eun bin fashion choice in castaway diva seo mok ha
Siyazu’s Cardigan

As Mok-Ha arrived at Seoul station for her encounter with the ‘impostor’ Jung Ki-Ho, she opted for a relaxed, oversized ensemble, highlighting an ivory cardigan from Siyazu. This choice in attire lent a laid-back yet stylish air to the scene.

Lace-up Sweatshirt

aprk eun bin fashion choice in castaway diva seo mok ha
INSILENCE’s Lace-up Sweatshirt

Eun-Bin captured a similar air of disenchantment in a lace-up sweatshirt of ivory shade from INSILENCE, continuing the theme of understated elegance.

Collarless Blazer

aprk eun bin fashion choice in castaway diva seo mok ha
J RYU’s Collarless bLazer

Mok-Ha, donning Song Ha-Jung’s formal attire for President Hwang’s daughter’s wedding, presented an elegant demeanor. Eun-Bin, portraying Mok-Ha, looked majestic in a striking sky-blue, collarless jacket from J RYU.


aprk eun bin fashion choice in castaway diva seo mok ha
ETMON’s Sweatpants

Her relatability was further enhanced when she lounged in a cozy pair of mint side reverse banding sweatpants from ETMON, epitomizing comfort.

Navy Knit Vest


In episode 6 of ‘Castaway Diva’, Park Eun-Bin achieved an effortlessly charming appearance with her fashion choice. She donned a navy wave cable knit vest from BEMUSE MANSION.

Pintuck Collar Blouse

MOAT's Pintuck Collar Blouse
MOAT’s Pintuck Collar Shirt

For the next one, she chose a natural green pintuck collar blouse from MOAT, adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble.

Loose-fit Shirt

DEPOUND's Loose-fit Shirt
DEPOUND’s Loose-fit Shirt

She appears in a blue, loose-fitting, open-collar shirt from DEPOUND, complemented by white trousers for a clean, polished look.

SISTINA's Loose-fit Shirt
SISTINA’s Loose-fit Shirt

Meanwhile, in another scene, Eun-Bin effortlessly models a baby pink cotton loose-fit open-collar shirt from SISTINA, demonstrating how well it pairs with blue denim pants for an incredibly chic look.

Embroidered Blouse

Plastic Island's Embroidered Blouse
Plastic Island’s Embroidered Blouse

If you’re wondering about the origin of Eun-Bin’s charming embroidered white blouse from episode 8, your search ends here. We’ve identified it as a piece from Plastic Island.

Bomber Jacket

JOY GRYSON's Bomber Jacket
JOY GRYSON’s Bomber Jacket

Displaying a fashionable ensemble, she paired a black bomber jacket from JOY GRYSON with a black paper-knit bucket hat, creating a trendy and stylish look.

Tassel Pants

park eun bin fashion choice in castaway diva seo mok ha
INSILENCE’s Tassel Pants

Concluding today’s showcase, Eun-Bin’s final outfit features these elegant cream reverse tassel pants from INSILENCE, highlighting their unique style.

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